Long Term Evolution: LTE

LTE is the global standard for the fourth generation of mobile broadband (4G), supported by all major players in the industry. It is the fastest developing system in the history of mobile communication.

Ericsson has supplied the large majority of all commercial LTE networks and has signed contracts with the top ten ranked operators by global revenue 2012.

Verizon’s LTE network is the world’s largest commercial installation to date. Just like the world’s first LTE network, launched by TeliaSonera in Sweden, it was supplied by Ericsson.

In-depth information

LTE – key facts

LTE – background

Ericsson and LTE

Ericsson LTE/EPC contracts

Ericsson Mobile Telephony Evolution with VoLTE



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Leading the change

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Get up to date with LTE

Our new article series addresses key advantages of LTE.

Part 1. LTE: an end-to-end story

The benefits of a holistic end-to-end approach to LTE networks.

Part 2. LTE services

Our LTE story is about more than networks. We also have leading services to offer.

Part 3. LTE: simply the best

Find out how and why LTE came to be the 4G technology of choice.

Part 4: What’s the difference?

A look at the superior user experience subscribers on an LTE network will enjoy.

Part 5. R&D: making the best even better

We are working every day to develop LTE – through R&D, standardization and close customer partnerships.

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