Packet optimized Medium and Long haul trunk Microwave transmission node

MINI-LINK LH is the Ethernet Trunk Radio with High Microwave capacities for your network evolution to all-IP. MINI-LINK LH provides Gigabit capacities over one antenna. The system contains an integrated high capacity Ethernet switch and Carrier Grade Quality of Service well suited for LTE and the evolution to all-IP. The Adaptive Modulation enables substantially higher average traffic capacity than standard SDH trunk systems. The Trunk Radio also has an integrated short haul capability.

Traffic handling platform is common with MINI-LINK TN and the same system SW is used in both products. This simplifies operation.

MINI-LINK LH Full Size and MINI-LINK LH Compact Subrack
MINI-LINK LH mechanics are available in two sizes. The Full Size is a traditional trunk system in its own rack and the Compact Subrack is for smaller systems to be installed in an existing 19" rack.

NEWS Update July 2014!

Marconi LH has passed Last Time Buy. Please see Trunk Radio Evolution using MINI-LINK LH for information on how to continue evolution in the trunk radio network.