Working at Ericsson. DUCI employee testimonials


  • Manager for Developer Experience Development
  • Stockholm, Sweden

During my studies at KTH Royal Institute of Technology I decided to aim for a career within telecoms, a very exciting area with fascinating technology. The main reason for joining Ericsson was all the opportunities I saw working in a company like this, both career wise and traveling. Another good thing was also the reputation that Ericsson has as a company that takes care of its employees, in all aspects.

I started my career at Ericsson as TCM in a function test department in November 2004 and worked there for just over one year before I moved on to work as SCM in an SW Design department. After a year I was given the opportunity to work as a Project Manager for a small SW Design project, which I am glad that I took because it was in this role I realized what I wanted to do. So, in July 2008 I applied for a Line Manager role for a SW design team, and is now responsible for a team/department with a goal to deliver tools, enablers, and training to application developers within Ericsson. The greatest challenge in this job is to make sure that we deliver the right tools at the right time, and fulfill our customer’s expectations. Put our customers first, and make sure that Component Based Architecture is perceived as good as it actually is. At the same time, being able to work in a flexible and innovative environment is a great opportunity as well. We control our future, and we work in a bright future, where we have a lot of internal applications that will use our components and tools.

At Ericsson you can choose if you would like to be a specialist in your line of work or if you want to broaden your competence; both to other technologies and/or your leadership skills. If I look five years from now, I would like to continue as a manager at some level, either as a project manager or line manager.


  • R&D Manager (COM Development)
  • Stockholm, Sweden

I did my master thesis at Ericsson and got the feeling that this was a good company with many opportunities and challenges. You have possibilities to develop yourself in different ways such as change work positions, work content or work abroad. A lot is up to you and I feel that there is no limit on what you want and can do.

When I joined, the mobile systems started to grow and it was fascinating to be part of something new. I also saw all the possibilities for the mobile (multimedia, IP etc), something that has changed a lot since 1995, now we talk about 50 billion connections!

My career at Ericsson started as a trainee in purchasing and after that I continued as a Strategic Purchaser in Development project (GSM systems). I worked with this for 3 years and then I have been alternating between manager and project manager. I worked as project manager for 4 years in development projects (Multimedia) and have been a manager now for 8 years in both supply management and development area (WCDMA, Multimedia and Common Components).

Ericsson is a big company with many opportunities and challenges. Diversity is something I appreciate here; many different people from different countries are working with different parts and in the end everything gets together and we deliver products that are appreciated by our customers.

My greatest challenge in my current position is Change Management, to make people understand that we need to change to get more efficient and innovative so we can still be on the top and get new challenges. The biggest opportunities are that you have the possibility to develop yourself and change positions, or country, and you get to know new people from different countries.

Five years from now I think I will still continue with leadership in some form (manager/project manager). I will do something else than I am doing today and maybe I will change from development to more business oriented work…


  • Project Manager
  • Stockholm, Sweden

My project spans over two sites in Stockholm and Boulder, Colorado, and we have multiple collaboration partners in many different countries which offers many opportunities to travel and work with different cultures.

My decision to join Ericsson was based on a set of criteria; first, it was important to me to work with development of new technologies. Secondly, I wanted to work in a culturally diverse environment with international career opportunities. However, what I valued even more was to find a good manager that would support me to reach my full potential. Looking back at my time at Ericsson, I am confident that I made the right decision.

The greatest challenge as a Project Manager is to never compromise the communication in the project even during intense periods with high workload. Working with a diverse team from five different nationalities and spread across two continents, increases the importance of communication even more. An open communication channel towards each team member is crucial in order to early detect and solve potential problems before they get unmanageable.

I feel that my managers are constantly encouraging me to take on greater responsibilities and challenges. Moving outside of my comfort zone has allowed me to grow much faster on a personal level and in my role as Project Manager. Another great source for my development has proven to be all the skilled and highly motivated members of my project. It is really fun to work together with them and it gives me tons of energy every day.

I have experienced that Ericsson offers a very creative work environment with individual freedom and responsibility. The atmosphere in my organization is open and I have been allowed to drive and implement many of my own ideas. Some of my ideas have been implemented successfully and some failed, but what is important for me is that I have learned something from all of them. Working at an organization that allows risk taking and rewards for an entrepreneurial mindset has been essential for my rapid career development.

The telecom industry has improved peoples lives across the world and will continue doing so in many years to come. I believe the next generation communication technologies will play a major role solving the global environmental issues, and by working in Ericsson R&D I am able to contribute to the development of new products that will ensure a greener future.

I joined Ericsson as a Software Designer almost three years ago and enrolled in the Global Graduate R&D Program shortly after. The program offered world class management training and excellent job rotation opportunities. During the program I tried four different positions across the organization, including a five months period at a R&D innovation cell in Montreal. After the program I continued as a team leader and after 6 months I received a position as Project Manger. Today I am leading my second Software Development project with a total of 25 project members, and in parallel I am assigned the role of innovation driver for my department with more than 200 employees.

My plan for the future is to try on the role as line manager within 2 years and then continue my career path in Sweden or abroad. In five years I will be undertaking new cultural challenges as an Innovation Manager in Asia or North America.


  • Manager MTAS Design & Function Test
  • Stockholm, Sweden

I work as a manager for a development unit within IP multimedia Subsystem (IMS). More specifically we work with a product called Multimedia Telephony Server (MTAS). Our biggest challenge, and at the same time, the biggest opportunity is to serve the growing number of customers. This means hard work along with great fun.

Working with new technology requires the best brains all categories. We have plenty of excellent and experienced people in our organization. We need more young and newly graduated woman and men to tap into new talent and achieve a good age balance.

What I like most about Ericsson is our diversity in people. Every day I go to work I know I will meet and interact with people from all over the world. I also like the fact that the culture and the size of the company provides me with excellent career opportunities.

I choose the telecom business because it combines cutting edge technology with changing the way people live and interact. Just looking back 20 years there is a huge difference in communication patterns and I like the thought that my daily work contribute to further change in the future.


  • Senior Function Tester at MTAS, IMS
  • Stockholm, Sweden

During my secondary education I decided that wanted to become an engineer and started to study Electrical Engineering Master of Science at KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. This was in the mid nineties, the middle of the mobile telephony worldwide expansion which of course had a huge impact later on when I chose the direction of my career.

As a part of my Master of Science in Electrical Engineering education, I did a Master of Thesis at Ericsson Radio Systems for 6 months. It felt natural to look for a thesis work at Ericsson because of the reputation Ericsson had within Electronic System Design and the opportunities and support they could provide to the Master of Thesis candidates and later, the employees.

When I finished my thesis I was employed by the same department, to continue to work within ASIC/FPGA development.

Within MTAS, most of the function test activities are still based on programming skills (TTCN-3 programming language, scripts) but the work also require a lot of knowledge and understanding of the system and the protocols than I needed in my previous work as a SW developer. This is probably the main challenge in my current job; to learn more about the system and the customer’s needs and at the same time continue to work with programming. Troubleshooting is one of my main interests, and trying to understand what can go wrong and find the faults and the drawbacks of the product before they reach the final user is a huge challenge!

Also, in my current position we are very close to the customers and their needs. Previously I worked with the development of platforms, now we use already developed platforms and services on the highest level, something that every telephone user in the world is familiar with today. This development has made it possible for me to describe my daily work, and the services I am working with, to the members of my family and friends even though they are not in the engineering world.

For the last two and a half years I have also been working as a team leader for a team containing approximately three designers and two function testers with the final responsibility of the services that we introduce. This means more responsibility and gives me more satisfaction and more involvement in our work and products.

Even if I am now working with a totally different product compared to my first years at Ericsson, I can still use a lot of the knowledge and experiences I have gained during my years here. It gives me some kind of a security/safety boost to try new areas but still be part of the same company, with the same ways of working.

Five years from now I hope I will still be working at Ericsson in a challenging job which will keep me satisfied and give me the possibility to improve and develop even more!


  • Software Designer
  • Stockholm, Sweden

Before I joined Ericsson as a consultant, I had a few friends working at Ericsson and they only had good things to say about their employer and my impression of Ericsson was therefore good. When the position as software designer was available I found it very attractive as I really enjoy programming since my time at the university. It is a little bit like solving crosswords, the mind gets to work and to do a nice piece of code is very satisfying!

At the moment I am part of a transfer of knowledge, some parts of our system/project have been placed in England/Coventry and are now being moved to Sweden. I therefore have to learn the subsystem from a software designer's perspective and be able to solve problems in that area. Other challenges in my work is to write good, readable, efficient, bug free code and keep the time plan so that we can deliver in time to our customers and with good quality.

In my project job rotation is encouraged. I've got the possibility to try out other positions, and for me as a software designer I can rotate to function test, system test and eventually system management. Now I’m actually doing function test for two months. Within Ericsson there are great opportunities to apply for positions in another project or another site, I like to work with something else or change location. There are several ways to do it. Competence development is also encouraged at Ericsson. Working at Ericsson is fun and challenging. My colleagues and work environment is very good and I really feel that I can grow here as a person. It is up to me to decide how I would like to shape my future. I can stay as a Software designer or I can strive to something else. There are many possibilities and you are allowed to be yourself, which creates a very relaxed and productive environment suitable for everyone.

My goal in the future is to work with leadership. Within Ericsson there are possibilities to become project leader, line manager or system manager. For me, project leader sounds challenging then I get to work with leadership and have the overview of the project. In 5 years I will still be at Ericsson and I've started my journey towards becoming a project leader.


  • Manager, Product and Project Office
  • Kumla, Sweden

After school and military service I joined Ericsson as my first job. My plan was to work a few years and then continue to study but with all the job opportunities within Ericsson and the great working climate I am still here.

My unit is responsible for the product master, meaning that we are responsible for transferring the new products to our other site around the world and then continue to improve production costs and quality until the end of the product's life. We are also responsible for coordinating prototypes built during industrialization of new products and product substitutions globally. Our site will be responsible for the new generation of Radio Base Stations including a number of digital and radio units. This is a fantastic challenge ahead to be part of the future products and deliveries for Ericsson.

To be able to manage this responsibility we must also grow in competence and head counts. I recruit the best resources to continuously strive for operation excellence globally; therefore It is important that we have members in my unit with different background and different experience.

I think that the biggest opportunities ahead is to be a part of a team that work close together with our colleagues in our R&D and production sites around the world. We shall always be the voice of Ericsson production, and support the company to introduce and release new products with high technology in the most efficient way.

Ericsson is multicultural company with a broad portfolio, the speed is high and changes happen all the time. This makes every day different from yesterday and the challenges and opportunities will never end, it is up to you!