Ericsson Mobile Cloud Accelerator

The Ericsson Mobile Cloud Accelerator is a unique end-to-end solution that offers operators and content providers:

  • Faster delivery of Content and Applications that need premium quality of experience
  • The creation of a "two-sided" business model for Mobile Operators by having content providers participate in the mobile network monetization
  • Tools to monitor the network performance and the end-user quality of experience

Ericsson brings a solution that has been shown to dramatically improve end-user experience when consuming content, services and applications over a mobile network. The offering is designed to provide a high and consistent quality of experience for users on mobile phones, tablets, laptops and other devices.

The results are new revenue opportunities for both mobile network operators and content providers. The Mobile Cloud Accelerator consists of Ericsson's technology that prioritizes the premium content and application traffic, so that it does not suffer the effects of radio congestion. Integrated into the telecoms infrastructure, the Ericsson Mobile Cloud Accelerator provides content and application providers a better and more consistent quality of experience over mobile environments. 

The Ericsson Mobile Cloud Accelerator is offered as a business solution that allows mobile operators to become an integral part of the value chain, by bringing additional revenues.

The Ericsson Mobile Cloud Accelerator comes pre-integrated with the global Content Delivery Network of Akamai Technologies, Inc. When operators sign a separate agreement with Akamai for Over-The-Top monetization, this enables an initial critical mass of content providers whose business is impacted by the performance of the mobile access network.