Fixed Access


The broadband boom is continuing with a rapidly increased penetration and more sophisticated services requirements from both residential and business users.

Broadband Access Nodes

Our broadband access node portfolio is built on the innovative experiences gained with the delivery of the widely deployed and award-winning IP DSLAMs of the EDA product family. It is fully compatible with the all-IP and softswitch architecture now being adopted by a majority of operators.

The convergence of voice, video and high-speed data will be via broadband. The EDA broadband access portfolio is enriched with features supporting capacity (non blocking system) and the Quality of Service needed to deliver the demanding high-speed multimedia services of the future IP-based networks such as gaming, HDTV IPTV, video-on-demand, time-shifting TV streams, as well as telephony over IP.

Each EDA broadband access node can comprise ADSL, ADSL2, ADSL2+, VDSL2, Fiber To The Home, Category 5 to the home, and pure POTS in different combinations with Gigabit Ethernet in the uplinks. The EDA portfolio also includes IP-MSAN (Muliti Service Access Nodes) for replacement of legacy TDM/ATM networks, and GPON switch capability (Gigabit Passive Optical Network). 

We have expanded our portfolio with the recent acquisitions of Entrisphere and Redback Networks, which are reinforcing the company's vision for Full Service Broadband. The enhanced EDA 1500 system and the new Redback SmartEdge 1200 have been introduced to provide the capacity, scale and robustness required by mass-market IPTV and other IP-based services delivered over a fixed broadband infrastructure.

Ericsson is your ideal business partner for wireline network transformation to IP with our wide experience of deploying large multi-service networks and an unrivalled global and local presence and support.

Narrowband Access

Our products for telephony-driven modernization and expansion of the ageing narrowband access networks are the Ericsson Access Ramp and the Ericsson Access Ramp Gateway. Operators which have already invested in the world-leading switching system AXE can benefit from lower OPEX and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) when introducing the compact and high capacity Ericsson Access Ramp and Ericsson Access Ramp Gateway systems for PSTN and ISDN. 

Access Ramp can easily be converted into an Ericsson Access Ramp Gateway thus enabling the use of the ETSI/TISPAN H.248 profile. Both products are available in BYB501 for indoor use and as outdoor turn-key solutions in the MAXIplus building practice. The outdoor solution is also broadband capable.


Broadband Access Nodes

Our Broadband Access Nodes ensure flexible, cost-effective roll-outs of fixed broadband technologies, ranging from GPON, fiber point-to-point, and xDSL.

Our innovative all-IP fixed broadband ...

Narrowband Access

When expanding narrowband access networks or replacing aging infrastructure, our leading-edge products provide the capacity and efficiency you are looking ...

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