Billing and Revenue Management


Business Support Systems (BSS) are strategic enablers for operators as Communication Service Providers (CSPs) to monetize infrastructure investments and help them realize business models. Ericsson’s BSS support operators in rolling out mobile broadband services and helping create superior customer experiences. They do this by facilitating innovation and maximizing business efficiency. Our comprehensive, pre-integrated suite of BSS products and solutions are designed to support end-to-end business processes.

Customer Experience

As networks and devices become increasingly complex, with different technologies from different vendors on a multitude of devices, customer experience has become a priority for all operators. Competition is intensifying and new digital services are evolving, which means your customers are beginning to expect more from their operator. Customer experience has become a real differentiator for CSPs in the race to remain competitive and attractive to both consumers and partners. As an operator, we believe you must give your customers what they want, when they want it (or even before they know they want it).

Successfully driving customer experience means that operations and business processes must focus on individuals and their needs. Customers today demand proactivity and personalization from their operator. The days of ‘one size fits all’ are gone forever.

Here at Ericsson, our mission is to ensure that operators have the tools and processes to address customer preferences in the most appropriate way, based on individual preferences and consumption. The aim is to continually improve experience throughout the customer lifecycle. This way, you will, improve customer intimacy encouraging brand loyalty and advocacy and drive innovation, driving opportunities across other industries.

Ericsson’s products and services are designed to help you realize great customer experiences. Integrated, convergent, network-aware OSS/BSS enable CSPs to deliver superior customer experience through flexible value-based pricing, cost control mechanisms, real-time interaction, self-care, and the personalization of services.

Business Innovation

More than 30 percent of organic growth in companies today comes from innovation. Innovative companies consistently produce around 1/3 of their revenue from turning great ideas into goods or services that fill a need. And provide value.

Operators can innovate by offering pioneering new Mobile Broadband services, such as Machine-to-Machine (M2M), Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and other cloud-based services. The development of new ways to meet new market demands can mean a lot of new business. Partnering with other players from different verticals is essential here. Requesting the implementation of wholesale business models and the according revenue sharing schemas will only strengthen your offering.

Our BSS solutions and technology help operators just like you all over the world. Our efficient business processes are supported by modular and configurable BSS designed for a changing world, full of new business potential.

Ericsson helps you realize innovation quickly. We work to enable you to embrace and monetize customer experience, create new value chains, and promote end-to-end efficiency. We help realize the kind of innovation that matters most to your customers, your partners, and your bottom line.

Business Efficiency

Declining revenues and margins are forcing CSPs to reduce capital expenditure (CAPEX) and operational expenditure (OPEX) as a way of improving business efficiency. This is achieved by outsourcing BSS processes and systems, or IT consolidation and convergence.

Many CSPs initiate BSS transformation and convergence projects as a way of driving business efficiency through single end-to-end, fully integrated OSS/ BSS platform solutions. These cost-effective IT solutions enable the monetization of existing and new data services, while at the same time consolidating systems across business units and customer segments. This way they reduce overall costs, with the key objectives being fully integrated systems with common data models and components, and process automation and scalability.

The need to decrease cost, and at the same time become more flexible, has led CSPs to consider cloud computing an ingredient of business-critical systems like BSS. Business efficiency today means making BSS ‘cloud-ready’ so it can be implemented, and run, in a cloud environment.

Ericsson helps you realize greater efficiency through consolidated and automated OSS/BSS. What’s more, we can even manage it all for you. We’ll help you do so much more, with so much less.


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Key Products

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  • Mediation

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  • Multi Mediation

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