Ericsson Multiscreen Video Processing

Multi-screen is now a reality and consumers expect to be able to view TV content on any device, from any location and at any time.  In an industry where TV content hours and internet capable video streaming devices are rapidly increasing, operators must find solutions that can match the scale needs of today while at the same time allowing for future service growth.  Ericsson's Multiscreen Video Processing solution addresses both of these needs.


The Multiscreen Video Processing solution is Ericsson’s compression solution for the delivery of video content to multiple end-user device types over an IP network.  Primarily the focus is on linear content, but the diverse and rapidly evolving world of multiscreen means other viewing models, particulary on-demand are in scope.

No other solution can offer our combination of encoding platforms with the ultimate performance in compression, making Ericsson Multiscreen Video Processing the most versatile solution on the market.

Business Benefits

Multiscreen Video Processing is the only solution on the market that can offer all encoding platforms - hardware, software, or a combination of both.  Customers can choose our solution because we offer the best encoding performance, the best support and the best systems integration capabilities in the industry.

A critical enabler is Ericsson Virtualised Encoding, which allows the technology strategy (the choice of encoding platform) to be separated from the financial and operational strategy.  This allows operators to effortlessly adapt their mix of encoding platforms to match their workflow needs, both today and tomorrow. 

The solution therefore offers a number of benefits:

  • It allows operators to keep the same architecture, even as their encoding needs evolve over time.  They can keep the same redundancy model, the same monitoring system, the same CDN interface capabilities and so on.
  • Operators can mix and change their choice of encoding platforms without needing expensive operator re-training.  This is because Ericsson Virtualized Encoding abstracts the encoding platform technology layer from the operational layer, and hence the same user interface is presented regardless of the mix of platforms
  • Operators can feel confident with Ericsson because we are the best strategic partner.

All of these benefits drive down costs and risks for our customers.

Related Products

AVP 4000
The AVP 4000 is an encoder based on video-optimized hardware, where the emphasis is on uncompromised picture quality.  The video-optimised processing means it is ideal for applications where picture quality is the main need. 

SPR 1200
The SPR 1200 is also an encoder based on video-optimized hardware, but here the emphasis is on optimising for the lowest power consumption.  This is ideal for applications where the head-end is already full with broadcast equipment, leaving limited capacity for new equipment. 

SVP 4000
The SVP 4000 is a software based encoder that utilizes off-the-shelf server hardware to allow maximum flexibility. Using GPUs to increase processing density, the SVP 4000 is well suited to applications where workflow flexibility and being armed for the future are the main concerns. The SVP 4000 also features a built-in multiscreen packager allowing all processing, packaging and DRM to be completed in one device, further simplifying the workflow and reducing the system footprint.

SVP 1000
The SVP 1000 is a standalone packager.  Standalone packaging is ideal in some applications, for example more complex packaging use-cases (than can be achieved with internal packaging) or where there is an architectural need to implement packaging in a different site to encoding. 

Services Reference Solution: Multiscreen Advanced Delivery
Multiscreen up-ends existing pay TV business models, but the nature of the technology also creates opportunities to deploy new business models.  Our monetisation package gives operators the tools needed to deploy advanced targeted advertising, live to file and blackout solutions.