Passive Fiber Infrastructure


Our technologies for the passive part of the Access Network consist of two air-blown fiber systems and networks with traditional fiber optic Drop cables.

The air-blown systems are specially developed for access networks with the highest requirements for scalability, short installation time and performance.

Regardless of chosen network technology, either a passive optical network (PON) with a partially shared fiber infrastructure, or a point-to-point network (P2P) with dedicated fibers to each end user, our systems support a variety of changes as capacity and services evolve.

Depending on the operator’s investment strategy and their existing network set-up, the fiber deployment can be implemented in sequential steps (FTTx) out from the central office (CO) to eventually finalize in a Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) connection.

We offer solutions for all FTTx network architectures as well as Consulting services for Access Network transformation.

To build for the future

The access networks built today must be scalable, not just regarding capacity, but also regarding topology. Typical examples of scalable technologies are Ericsson Ribbonet® and Micronet air-blown systems, where incremental installation of fiber, easy repair and upgrade are key elements. The system scalability minimizes the total cost of ownership.

It is impossible to know what technological changes will happen in the future. Therefore, most network components are designed for any possible topology or combination of topologies in the same product, for example PON (P2MP) and P2P. They will also support a full transformation from PON to P2P (or vice versa) without the need for additional civil works. All of our major network components can handle any cabling type, for example air-blown fiber, micro cable, drop cables or traditional cable (or a mix of the above).

All products are designed to minimize the environmental impact, from the manufacturing phase and through the lifecycle of the products. Total RoHS compliance and halogen-free materials are features of the entire product range. Packing materials are minimized or fully recyclable.


Drop and Premises Networks

The Drop and Premises Network offering features the Ericsson Ribbonet® system for "last mile" deployment in the access network.

Central Termination Point

The Ericsson Central Termination Point offering features fiber management systems to efficiently and cost-effectively organize and terminate large quantities of fiber.

Fiber Transport Network

We offer a wide selection of fiber optic cables for transport, metro or access networks, ranging from multi-fiber trunk cables to indoor installation cables with slender profiles.