Ericsson Network Performance Partnership

A Network Performance Partnership is Ericsson's end-to-end solution to help operators optimize their network and service performance through a 3-phase approach.

As a trusted partner, we work collaboratively with operator personnel to achieve optimum performance levels that take into account end-users' expectations, competitive environment, and overall business strategies.

Network Performance Partnership is our solution for optimizing network, services and operational resources through the analysis of Key Performance Indicators.  As a partner we engage to ensure that you cost efficiently provide the service quality your customers expect.

We offer a scalable solution encompassing:

  • Joint evaluation of competence, processes, and tools, resulting in a solution that best suits your planning and optimization groups;
  • Targeted training and competence development designed to suit individual needs and minimize costs and wasted training effort;
  • Industry-leading tools from Ericsson's tool portfolio.

The partnership engagement reduces your risks as it involves a guaranteed outcome, which will be monitored by using agreed Key Performance Indicators. This is true even though you may have a multi-vendor and multi-technology environment.

Taking into account end users' expectations and your competitive environment and overall business strategies, we apply an end-to-end approach that is delivered in the following phases:

Baseline & Target Assessment 

  • Network and service performance definitions
  • Assessment of current network and service performance levels
  • Competitor benchmarking
  • Business strategy alignment with wanted performance levels
  • Definition of current and optimum network and service performance levels

Partnership Solution Agreement

  • Evaluation of network and system capabilities
  • Evaluate network architectures and standards
  • Evaluation of optimization capabilities
  • Evaluate organizational structure
  • Evaluate key operational process and interfaces
  • Evaluate tools & systems supporting processes
  • Evaluate current and needed competencies
  • Recommend remedial actions and business case for performance Transformation

Performance Commitment

  • Agreement reached regarding performance improvement activities and targets
  • Definition of the scope of the planning and optimization activities
  • Definition of Transformation cost and timescales
  • Definition of project set-up


  • Performance optimization
  • Tools and process deployment
  • Learning solutions
  • Competence build-up delivered