Rich, consistent and accurate TV metadata is the key to successful content discovery. Longstanding partnerships with the world’s most demanding broadcasters give us unique insights we can use to continually refine our editorial offering. We build, aggregate, conform, deliver and update TV metadata to the richest and most globally consistent standard, reflecting your brand’s unique tone of voice throughout.

OVERVIEW – Broadcaster Editorial Services

Rich and Consistent Broadcast Data Editorial Services

Rich, reliable and precise TV metadata is the key to successful content discovery. Our heritage and partnerships with the world’s most demanding broadcasters give us exclusive insights we can use to continually refine our editorial contribution. We build, aggregate, conform, deliver and update TV metadata to a rich and globally dependable standard, mirroring your brand throughout.

Unparalleled Expertise, Global Reach

With over 200 people on our editorial team, the breadth of our offering is unbeatable; we work with data in over 30 languages, using only native speakers. We even offer Real-Time triggering for schedule updates to EPGs, and give operational support for late changes for live sports or breaking news events.

Broadcasters worldwide rely on us for their editorial requirements, giving them more time to focus on producing and acquiring the content their consumers demand.

Business Challenges

Achieving Consistency in a Global Market

Now that broadcasters routinely target multiple international markets, the need for globally consistent metadata is even more acute. Partnering with different editorial services providers for each and every country covered can be a huge operational distraction, not to mention unnecessarily expensive.

Optimal Discoverability with Minimal Effort

Building, aggregating, conforming, delivering and updating the richest possible level of TV metadata can be a tremendous capital drain for broadcasters. As the technological possibilities of TV metadata multiply, it becomes harder and harder to forecast in-house resourcing requirements accurately enough to fully leverage new innovations.

Getting it Right Every Time

Maintaining accuracy and consistency in a field where last-minute changes can leave the most solid-looking schedules floundering requires expertise, speed and scale. Without Real-Time triggering modules, a simple last-minute change such as a penalty shoot-out can have a domino effect on the accuracy of an EPG for the rest of the day, leading to significant consumer frustration and lost advertising revenues.

Too Much Automation Stifles your Channel’s Brand

Automation may be cost-effective and fast, but too much automation leaves little room for the unique flavour of your channel’s brand. Finding an editorial service provider that offers agility, reliability and accuracy in addition to fortifying the cohesion of your editorial thread, adds a further layer to the complexity of your service requirements.

Integrated with Broadcast Systems

In order to avoid schedule errors, it’s vital to source a broadcaster editorial partner that receives schedule updates automatically as a matter of course. This capability only comes with services that are already fully integrated into existing broadcasting systems.

The Ericsson Difference

Globally Consistent

You don’t need to fragment your broadcasting editorial services by out-tasking to different providers for each country in which you operate. Because we provide support for over 30 languages, with native speakers only, we’re able to be globally consistent in a way that no other operator can.

Depth of Expertise

Longstanding partnerships with the world’s most demanding international broadcasters have furnished us with a metadata library of over eight million titles. This means we offer a level of cover, and a depth of experience and intellectual capital that is unmatched in Europe.

Ability to Customize

While our delivery system is automatic, the language in which we write our synopses never is. We absorb your tone of voice so that your brand’s distinctive echo is heard loud and clear across all platforms.

Real-time Capabilities

Our clients rely on our agile and responsive in-house delivery infrastructure to make updates to EPG in Real Time or Near Real Time. We automatically receive schedule updates; last-minute changes no longer pose a threat to EPG accuracy.


We’ve been providing broadcaster editorial services to demanding clients for over 25 years; an impeccable vintage in TV terms. During that time, we’ve accumulated an unmatched portfolio of intellectual – and human – capital.

Key Service Facts

Many demanding clients rely on us to deliver their broadcaster editorial services

With over 200 people on our editorial team, an expert is always to hand

We offer support for over 30 languages, using native speakers only

We’ve created metadata for over 180 TV and radio channels

We can deliver in any XML format via a JSON/XML API

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