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OVERVIEW: Media Management


Media Management

The surge in non-linear viewing brings new audiences into reach via an expanding diversity of platforms and devices. Capturing these opportunities requires a combination of deep technical expertise and operational capacity on a global scale; needs that can cause a steep increase in media management spend.

Scalable and Flexible

Forecasting volume and technical requirements for media management can be a challenge, but we eliminate this problem entirely. Ericsson’s expertise and infrastructure allow us to offer an exceptional level of flexibility and reliability. We offer exceptional output quality, irrespective of the scale of the media management task. You can out-source fully, or on a modular basis.

Globally Consistent

Ericsson is investing heavily in infrastructure and implementing standardised delivery and workflow tools across our networked operating hubs around the world. This allows us to provide a globally consistent portfolio, driving scale and commissioning new services with unparalleled speed as soon as the need arises.

Innovation and the Cloud

In 2015, we launched our next generation service delivery platform – the Ericsson Cloud Media Processing platform. The purpose of the platform is to manage security, upload, execution and delivery of media processes performed in the cloud – both public and private.  It’s an approach we’re pursuing to give offer our clients more in terms of service choice, scalability, and global availability of capabilities.

Fully Integrated

We process a full range of broadcast traffic systems– from simple XML to multi-channel integrations, using our in-house systems. Our media management experts oversee complicated in-bound logistics, co-ordinating an increasing variety of assets delivered from third parties; such as subtitles, video files and branding elements. We also integrate to both manual and automatic schedule systems, driving efficient task ordering and completion.


Digital Library Management

We store digital libraries hierarchically in one of Ericsson’s secure hubs. When you need to retrieve a file, simply access our richly featured web interface and browse, search and retrieve your content with ease. We offer a stable environment for storage, and a range of services with pre-defined workflows, achieving optimum efficiency and high quality service delivery.

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Linear Playout Preparation

We’ve been preparing content for transmission for many years across the globe. You no longer need to devote precious human resources to chasing content and managing the in-bound logistics of deliveries from multiple suppliers. Our Linear Playout Preparation experts come from a broadcasting background, so they know exactly what broadcasters need in order to maximize efficiency and meet quality requirements.

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VoD Preparation

We offer a comprehensive set of media preparation, management and packaging services focusing on delivery to VOD platforms. We execute our VOD preparation services with an agility that makes sure you never miss an opportunity to gain viewers. Out-tasking your VOD preparation to us allows you to focus on your core business.

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