We have years of experience, preparing content for broadcast worldwide. You no longer need to commit precious man hours to content tracking and management of in-bound logistics from multiple suppliers. Ericsson’s Linear Playout Preparation experts come from a broadcasting background, so they know exactly what broadcasters need to increase efficiency and meet quality specifications.

OVERVIEW – Linear Playout Preparation

Ready for Transmission

We’ve been preparing content for transmission for many years across the globe. You no longer need to devote precious human resources to chasing content and managing the in-bound logistics of deliveries from multiple suppliers. Our Linear Playout Preparation experts come from a broadcasting background, so they know exactly what broadcasters need in order to maximize efficiency and meet quality requirements; giving you more time to focus on your core business.

With Ericsson, you’ll always know your content is in safe hands. We’re continually scanning the horizon for new innovations in media management technology. We can help you capitalize on developments that matter and will last.

Business Challenges

In-House Linear Playout Preparation: Capital Drain

Preparing content for transmission in-house can be a tremendous drain on capital resources, even for the largest national broadcasters. Broadcasters need to be able to convert this investment into an operational, rather than a capital expenditure. In order to do so, however, you need a media management partner that offers Linear Playout Preparation as a service.

Your Content: in our Capable Hands

Broadcast content is your core product, and you need a media management partner with a solid existing infrastructure; one for whom Linear Playout Preparation to a complex level is second nature. Such an infrastructure requires the perfect blend of size and individual expertise.

Integration Complexity

Ending up with a fragmented out-tasking strategy is one of the pitfalls of media management out-sourcing. The only way to avoid this is to find a specialist Linear Playout Preparation partner that’s also a comprehensive provider; one that is able to meet the full complementary range of your broadcasting services requirements.

Compliance and Quality

Staying on top of the latest regional or national compliance and quality standards can be costly and time-consuming. It’s important that broadcasters are able to find a Linear Playout Preparation partner whose diligent research they can trust. You need your Linear Playout Preparation partner to know about new compliance regulations as soon as they emerge.

The Ericsson Difference

Managed Service

Our fully managed service means you no longer need to build Linear Playout Preparation infrastructure and expertise from the ground up.

Linear Playout Preparation as a Service

We offer Linear Playout Preparation on a modular Pay As You Use basis, allowing you to assemble the perfect portfolio of services for your broadcasting needs. Our services are available on a globally consistent basis.

Specialized Quality Checks and Compliancy

We offer both manual and automatic quality checking (QC), with an audio and video repair service. We also ensure compliance with all relevant regional standards.

Vast Experience in Broadcast Integration Projects

Our workflows are pre-defined and well oiled. We routinely handle a range of broadcast traffic integrations – from simple XML to multi-channel integrations, using our in-house Ericsson systems.

The Ericsson Cloud Media Processing Platform

In 2015, we launched our next generation service delivery platform – the Ericsson Cloud Media Processing platform. The purpose of the platform is to manage security, upload, execution and delivery of media processes performed in the cloud – both public and private.  It’s an approach we’re pursuing to give offer our clients more in terms of service choice, scalability, and global availability of capabilities.

Seamless Integration with Ericsson Playout and Online Video Services

Linear Playout Preparation is part of a comprehensive range of broadcasting services, each seamlessly integrated with the next. These include Playout, Online Video, Access Services and Content Discovery. Partnering with us on more than one service maximizes efficiencies and in-year savings.

Channel Launch Experience

We’ve launched over 500 channels, and have refined our processes, offering a significantly reduced time to market, via our pre-configured workflows and existing capabilities.

Key Service Facts

We routinely operate and deliver Linear Playout Preparation for over 500 channels, complying with regional variations, whether Playout is linear, streamed or +1

Our team comprises over 1,200 skilled Media Management and Playout professionals

We manage over 2.7 million assets a year

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