Our Online Video Services deliver your content to audiences anywhere, on any device.

Provided as an end-to-end managed service, Ericsson Online Video Services have been developed to meet the specific needs of broadcasters, content owners and telecom service providers.


Breaking Down Barriers to Entry for New Services

Two traditional barriers of entry to new OTT video services are capital expenditure and hosting requirements. Many online video products demand a fixed license fee upfront, requiring you to commit to volumes that can often be hard to forecast. In the face of this, it can also be a challenge to manage operational expenditure. The need for a flexible and predictable cost of the online video service arises.

Global Expertize

Now that users want to access online video from across the globe, broadcasters can no longer rely on local service partners. The goal is to find a truly global partner, one capable of offering a multi-territory solution with a resource scale to drive cost-efficiencies and reach new markets.

Time to Market

The complexity of launching an online video service means that broadcasters and other service providers are frequently frustrated by a lengthy, and often costly, time to market. By choosing a modular online video platform delivered as a managed service, you can launch a custom-built branded online video service within months.

Efficient Content Delivery

Maintaining and improving the quality of content delivery can become a challenge considering network capacity or connectivity issues. To tackle these, telecoms have focused investments on building networks that can provide the best possible service to their subscribers. Broadcasters, on the other hand, can get stuck in the trap of having to rely on a single content delivery network (CDN) for their OTT service. Cost limitations mean media companies are not always in the position to offer high quality video experience that end users crave.

Monetization Opportunities

Online video delivery puts even greater power into the viewer’s hands to curate their own personal content schedule. The relationship between you and the viewer becomes even more intimate than the one that develops via linear consumption. Lucrative opportunities open up before you, not only for audience growth and retention, but also for generating incremental revenues through TVOD and SVOD services. You can now target specific market segments with much better accuracy.

Our Solutions

Ericsson Managed Player

An end-to-end online video platform, delivered as a managed service on a pay-as-you-grow basis. It supports live, linear, catch-up and on-demand content. It includes media asset preparation and management, ad-insertion, charging and billing, analytics and reporting modules.

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A subscription-based mobile video on demand service, created especially to address the online video challenges in developing markets. It is a complete end-to-end service managed by Ericsson and includes mobile application, premium content, metadata management, rights management and origin storage. In addition, it supports automatic download scheduling and offline viewing to manage network capacity and data cost.

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Key Service Facts

Ericsson delivers over 150 online video channels to the platforms of our customers from media hubs in Sweden, the United Kingdom, France, the Netherlands and Finland

In addition, there are more than 115 live channels streamed from Ericsson’s own online video managed platform

More than 12,400 hours of media content have been transcoded in Ericsson’s online video managed platform in 2016

Ericsson online video core platform is built, monitored and operated by a team of over 500 developers

We offer 1st, 2nd and 3rd line support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

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