Ericsson Managed Player is a media grade, end-to-end, online video platform that allows you to deliver and monetize high-quality video to multiple devices in a secure and scalable manner. We provide our platform on a white-label basis; offering the perfect blend of our technical expertise with the unique flavor of your own brand and content. We understand that broadcasters and service providers need to reduce operational expenditure on technical services, and eliminate capital expenditure altogether. That is why we offer Ericsson Managed Player on a modular, pay-as-you-grow basis.

Complex and Comprehensive

Our demanding clients rely on Ericsson Managed Player to handle their live streaming, VOD, CRM, payment management and – crucially – analytics. And, because we enable you to meet all of your online video needs under the canopy of your own brand, you won’t need to go elsewhere to out-task add-ons. Ericsson Managed Player offers open interfaces that are easy to integrate with existing systems and third-party service providers including recommendation engines, payment systems, ad management platforms among others.

Many of our online video clients find it extremely effective and cost-efficient to partner with us on other complementary services, such as Content Discovery, Creative, Access and Media Management services.

From Data to Insights

Accurate analytics is vital if you want to fully leverage the transition to non-linear viewing. However, producing accurate and useful analytics represents a significant diversification from the core business of broadcasting. Ericsson Managed Player includes detailed analytics as standard – for platforms, devices and individual use. All the data is at your disposal to create valuable insights that support your business decisions.

Future proof

We continuously invest in expanding and developing the core features of Ericsson Managed Player. Our technology is always up-to-date and future-ready; meeting evolving viewer requirements with carefully considered innovations. We take feedback seriously. Feature updates are added frequently and the influence customers have over our technology roadmap is unmatched.

Globally Consistent and Standardized

Ericsson is investing in infrastructure, implementing standardized delivery and workflow tools across our global operating hubs. These tools allow us to provide a globally consistent portfolio, driving scale and commissioning new services with unparalleled speed as soon as the need arises. Our Online Video clients are ideally positioned to capitalize on this process, partnering with us as our capabilities soar.

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