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Linear television still dominates the market, and our Playout services will make sure your content reaches the audience exactly as scheduled. We provide Playout services for the full range of broadcasting licenses, whether terrestrial, cable or satellite. We can even help content owners and creators springboard from IP streaming into success on linear platforms.

A Comprehensive Playout Offering

We handle the comprehensive range of Playout requirements, from basic content on our Ericsson Sequence Playout Service, to Managed Thematic Playout services for channels that focus on pre-recorded content; and Managed Dynamic Playout services for complex, live or premium channels.

Global, scalable

Ericsson is investing heavily into infrastructure, implementing standardised delivery and workflow tools across our globally networked international operating hubs. These tools allow us to provide a globally consistent portfolio, driving scale and commissioning new services with unparalleled speed as soon as the need arises. Our Playout clients are ideally positioned to capitalize on this process, partnering with us as our capabilities soar. Whatever your broadcasting ambitions and goals, our Playout services have the scalability and reliability that can help you achieve them.

Outsourcing and Transformation

If you have an existing Playout facility we can transform it on your behalf (sometimes within twelve months), delivering a new operating model and driving phenomenal cost efficiencies. Our outsourcing expertise covers both technology and people, so we’re able to fulfil the full range of business cases.

Evolution: Value and Innovation

Technology doesn’t stand still, and nor should value. We make sure you’re well poised to leverage Playout innovations as soon as their value-add potential is proven, so that your market value always evolves securely and profitably. We can help you capitalize on the transition from SDI to IP; particularly when it comes to operability within the entire IP ecosystem. We’re also actively engaged in developing a software-defined Playout architecture, and studying the benefits of a remote-control Playout model.  As we innovate, we retain our core commitment to quality and performance, continually researching into Intelligent Monitoring and Service Analytics.


Ericsson Sequence Playout

This service allows you to upload and schedule loops of pre-recorded content via a user-friendly web-based interface. You can deploy this service for multiple uses, whether for scheduling temporary content for transmission during unexpected downtime, or simply for broadcasting promotional content. The solution is fully hosted, using software that is continually managed and updated by Ericsson.

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Managed Dynamic Playout

If your channel is highly complex, features dynamic live events and last-minute inclusion of content and commercials and is, perhaps, regionalized then our reliable Managed Dynamic Playout service is for you. Our clients’ channels evolve constantly, and their requirements change accordingly. Because of our scale, we’re able to respond fast with effective, trusted and robust solutions.

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Managed Thematic Playout

Our Managed Thematic Playout service is for channels with very limited live content - or none at all. The service is modular, allowing you to build the perfect Playout package. Our menu of options includes a wide range of add-ons to meet the specific needs of your channel.

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