Quickly launch and decommission channels with limited live content.


Fast and fully-managed

Virtualized Live Playout allows existing Playout customers to launch and commission channels with limited live content, on a pay-as-you-go basis. The technology underpinning the service is entirely virtualized (operated via Ericsson service hubs), and the process is fast and easy.


Virtualized Live Playout brings together Ericsson’s gold-standard innovation in technology, delivery processes and commercial modelling in a perfectly designed service.

Simple, pay-as-you-go model

Launch and decommission channels (including temporary ones) with very easy set-up, and no in-house hardware upgrades. Virtualized Live Playout boosts your agility as a broadcaster, offering a faster, lower-risk channel deployment model.

Service: Facts and Figures

Deliver over 300 linear channels worldwide—including some of the most complex in the industry (e.g., BBC1, ITV1, TV4, NPO and TV5 Monde)

Delivered Europe’s first UHD channel (BTSport)

Operate six dedicated delivery hubs complemented by cloud-based capabilities

The ericsson Difference


Deliver temporary event or “pop-up” channels without the need for establishing costly dedicated services.


Deploy channels internationally without having to invest in local hardware.


Introduce more live content to your existing channels, without needing to upgrade your existing estate.

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