TV Delivery Infrastructure

Consumer demand for TV services anywhere and anytime is driving rapid change in the way operators, broadcasters and TV service providers deliver these services to multiple devices, over multiple delivery networks.

Ericsson's TV Delivery Infrastructure solutions provide the flexible and future-proof platform to allow cost-effective and efficient new service provision.  Based on multiple award-winning products, our solutions ensure that consumers receive the highest quality TV they demand.  They also ensure dense and flexible repurposing of services for multiple devices.

Our Multi-platform Video Processing solution, based on functional blocks of multi-codec, multi-resolution video processors ensures maximum flexibility in design and operation of a TV delivery infrastructure. It ensures upgradability through software, and organic growth by reducing the complexity of system expansion. 

Our Multiscreen Video Processing solution extends all-services availability to today's multiple video consumption devices, while providing operators with new means to monetize them.

Ericsson's strength in consulting, system integration and prime further helps our customers deploy these new TV service with the velocity required by the competitive market of today.  Ericsson's TV Delivery Infrastructure solutions are used by over 2000 customers worldwide, including both major broadcasters and service providers.  We ship and install more than a system a day, worldwide, and power the world's largest distributed system in operation today.


Multi-platform Video Processing

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