Ericsson SON Optimization Manager

Self-Organizing Networks (SON) are a critical enabler for the widespread deployment of mobile broadband technologies. Network complexity has reached the stage at which self-configuring, self-optimizing and self-healing functions are now indispensible for running a modern mobile network. Multiple standards and an expanding ecosystem of equipment providers need the automation of as much network planning, design, build and optimization as possible.

Ericsson’s SON Optimization Manager is a network management system for the automatic optimization of radio networks. By centralizing functionality, we optimize multiple network elements and domains can in a coordinated, top-down approach. This allows the integration of multiple technologies (2G, 3G and 4G) and multiple vendors into a single optimization paradigm.

Improve Network Performance and Reduced OPEX

Ericsson SON Optimization Manager addresses some of the key SON use cases; collecting performance and configuration data, analyzing and processing it , and automatically adjusting network configuration parameters.

Operation is autonomous.  The system runs continuously, and requires no manual intervention.  The only impacts network operations departments will see are improved network performance, and direct OPEX savings as their routine optimization tasks are automated. 

Examples of use cases implemented in Ericsson SON Optimization Manager are:
  • Centralized Automatic Neighbor Relations (C-ANR) for 3G automates the optimization of cellular network neighbor relations. A radio environment in constant flux needs continuous monitoring for missing or unmonitored neighbors, and for priority rankings. C-ANR prevents most dropped calls due to missing neighbors. Field results show a dropped call rate (DCR) improvement of up to 20%. 
  •  3G Coverage & Capacity Optimization and Centralized Mobility Load Balance (CCLB) are separate but complementary 3G features. Nearly 30 cell and neighbor relation parameters are continuously optimized to get the best possible balance between quality, coverage and capacity.
  •  3G ID Optimization (IDO) ensures an optimum scrambling code plan, and is an important complement to C-ANR.


The SON Optimization Manager uses multi-vendor and multi-technology modules which mediate centralize read and write access to the network.   Analysis of the complex network data uses field proven algorithms to determine the next best step for implementation in the network.  Our step-wise approach assures that your network is always running at it’s best.

In automating network optimization it’s important to retain control.  A SON Portal gives centralized user access to the SON Optimization Manager, via easy-to-GUIs.

Here, configurable policies and rules ensure that operation follows the guidelines set, and we provide real-time and historical visualization of the network changes to provide traceability.


SON Optimization Manager is a great step forward in how to get the best from your network assets. 

Our highly scalable architecture can serve from the smallest to the largest of networks. New use cases are easily introduced as needs change. 

Users can configure different use cases, at different times, in different parts of the network, depending on network conditions and requirements.

The modular structure allows easy adaptation for multiple technologies and vendors.

Learn about SON

Check out this book on Self Organizing Networks edited by Ericsson experts in the planning and optimization of multi-technology, multi-vendor wireless networks.

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