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Ericsson’s core values of Professionalism, Respect and Perseverance are the foundation that defines who we are and what we stand for. Meet some of our people who share their stories on how they Live Our Values.


Meet Abubaker who joined Ericsson in March 2007

Project Manager

Khartoum, Sudan

"Even though we are working in different countries and in different positions we are all part of one company"


Meet Ahmed who joined Ericsson in November 2005

Solution Manager – Networks

Cairo, Egypt

"To me, Ericsson was the employer of choice! I was fortunate enough to be offered a position in Technical pre-Sales in my technology field (IMS), right after I finished my Masters in France, which was too perfect to be true. I just took the opportunity!"


Meet Anar, who joined Ericsson in 2001

Local Competence Area Manager

Baku, Azerbaijan

"It’s the people working here that make it different from other organizations"


Meet Anna who joined Ericsson in May 2004

Research Scientist

Jorvas, Finland

"Staying in the same company doesn't mean doing the same job all the time"


Meet Annemieke who joined Ericsson in October 2006

Communications Manager


"Working for an international company gives you the opportunity to work closely together with colleagues from all over the world"


Meet Atallah who joined Ericsson in 2008

FAN Implementation Manager

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

"Join the winning team"


Meet Björn who joined Ericsson in 1994

Manager Industrial Engineering

Stockholm, Sweden

"Our challenge ahead is to continue prepare prototypes and production processes for new products in order to decrease production cost"


Meet Camilla who joined Ericsson in May 2008

Software Designer

Stockholm, Sweden

"My colleagues and work environment is very good and I really feel that I can grow here as a person. It is up to me to decide how I would like to shape my future"


Meet Geert who joined Ericsson in March 2007

Service Delivery Manager

Rijen, The Netherlands

"Something that is impossible today could be reality tomorrow"

Kok Liang

Meet Kok Liang who joined Ericsson in February 2007

Solution Architect

Netherlands, but currently in South Africa

"Ericsson is the largest telecom vendor in the world and here I can fulfill my passion in telecoms and travels, and at the same time working in a multi-national environment"


Meet Lal who joined Ericsson in December 2000

Section Manager for Systems

Jorvas, Finland

"There are a zillion ways to advance professionally at Ericsson"


Meet Maria who joined Ericsson in October 2006

Experienced Services Engineer

Athens, Greece

"The biggest benefits of working for a multinational company is the opportunity to travel and the training opportunities"


Meet Marie who joined Ericsson in 1993

Production Product Manager

Kumla, Sweden

"Each day is not like any other day; I meet new persons and am being faced with new challenges constantly"


Meet Melissa who joined Ericsson in April 2007

Travel & Expenses Project Lead

Beijing, China

"A good career is not something you just get – it is something you have to earn"


Meet Mikko who joined Ericsson in 2007

R&AM;D / Developer

Helsinki, Finland, but currently in Budapest, Hungary

"When I had done my military service and started my studies, I worked for a removal company. I quit when Ericsson offered me a job in telecoms while I was still studying at the Helsinki University of Technology. Thankfully, my Ericsson job description does not mention anything about carrying a piano six floors up..."

Patrick Le Fèvre

Meet Patrick Le Fèvre, who joined Ericsson in 1996

Marcom Director, Ericsson Power Modules


"Working at Ericsson is a great opportunity to positively influence people’s lives"


Meet Peter who joined Ericsson in 2007

Marcom Director, Ericsson Power Modules


"I feel that my managers are constantly encouraging me to take on greater responsibilities and challenges"


Meet Sabine who joined Ericsson in November 2007

Service Delivery Manager

Rijen, The Netherlands

"Telecom is one of the most innovative industries in the world, so you never know what the future will be"


Meet Sherif who joined Ericsson in June 2006

Market Distribution Manager MUNAF

Cairo, Egypt

"The room for creativity is probably one of the things I appreciate the most with Ericsson"


Meet Stefan who joined Ericsson in 2007

Account Manager


"In 5 years time I can see myself still working in sales for Ericsson"


Meet Taoufik who joined Ericsson in December 2003

Head of Networks Morocco

Rabat, Morocco

"As an employer, Ericsson puts high focus on the employee dimension and cares about the people"


Meet Viktoriya who joined Ericsson in 2007

Service Delivery Manager

Kiev, Ukraine

"I am constantly learning new things in my daily work which is increasing my experience as well as inspiring me"


Meet Yu who joined Ericsson in 2007

Experienced Instructor

Beijing, China

"Telecoms make the world smaller and smaller and people closer and closer. That's amazing, isn't it?"

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