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Why invest in Ericsson

Ericsson’s overall goal is to create shareholder value

We use a range of financial and non-financial targets to drive business performance.

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Our Vision

The Company’s vision is to be the prime driver in an all communicating world. Ericsson envisions a continued evolution, from having connected 6 billion people to connecting 50 billion "things". The Company envisions that anything that can benefit from being connected will be connected, mainly via mobile broadband in the networked society that is beginning to come to life.

Global leader

Since the establishment of the Company in 1876, we are a leader in telecommunication and are now expanding our role into an ICT (Information and Communications Technology) solutions provider.

Our research and solutions development has made mobile communications and broadband possible. When you make a call or browse the internet on your handset, tablet or mobile PC, you will likely use one of our solutions.

Our offering comprises services, software and infrastructure, mainly for telecom operators.

  • 40% of the world’s mobile traffic runs through networks that are supplied by us
  • We provide solutions and services to all major telecom operators in the world
  • The networks we manage for operators serve about 950 million subscribers
  • We have more than 35,000 granted patents, comprising one of the industry’s strongest patent portfolios.

Today, we are more than 110,000 people serving customers in more than 180 countries.

Our competitive assets

The unique combination of core assets drives our performance throughout the business.

Technology leadership

Combining superior performance and thought leadership

Innovation is an important element of our corporate culture and a foundation for our competitiveness. Our long-time pioneering in telecommunications technologies is reflected in one of the industry’s largest patent portfolios. Through research into new technologies and a strong contribution to the creation of open standards, we strive to be first-to-market with new solutions. Our networks are designed and optimized for superior end-user experience. They are built to accommodate future traffic increase and the increasing number of connected devices.

Services leadership

Meeting operator objectives of business efficiency & revenue growth

Service delivery is industrialized in four Global Services Centers and local resources in our ten regions, where we use the same processes, methods and tools. This ensures standardized services packages of high quality. Our services professionals have advanced multi-vendor and multi-technology competence. They create value for customers by improving network efficiency and user experience as well as by supporting them in business innovation and revenue growth.

Global scale

Combining global scale advantages with local presence

We have a geographically diversified business, with customers in more than 180 countries. We have established relationships with all major telecom operators in the world, supporting networks with over 2.5 billion subscriptions. Focus on global standards means that we can provide global products. Economies of scale in R&D and production ensure that the products.