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By upgrading to EDGE (Enhanced Data Rates for Global Evolution) you can cost-effectively triple the data capacity of your GSM/GPRS network, paving the way for advanced data services anywhere, anytime.


EDGE enables you to offer fast, quality mobile internet access in areas not reached by WCDMA/HSPA signals. Building on GSM technology, EDGE also helps you capture new users by allowing the usage of inexpensive mobile phones, leveraging the huge second-hand GSM-phone base.

EDGE is a low-risk investment for mobile operators wanting to get the most from their GSM networks. It more than triples the data capacity of GSM/GPRS networks, making it possible to:

  • Provide high-speed mobile internet services over existing infrastructure
  • Increase individual user data rates
  • Free up capacity for still-expanding voice traffic

Using the Ericsson EDGE solution, most operators can upgrade their networks with EDGE simply by activating an optional feature.

In addition to basic EDGE functionality, the EDGE Performance Package provides easy-to-activate software features that further enhance performance, including services such as mobile TV and music downloads normally only delivered over WCDMA/HSPA networks.

The majority of today's GSM/GPRS operators have already begun upgrading to EDGE, driven primarily by the need for fast internet access in emerging markets. Other operators are expanding their EDGE networks as an important complement to WCDMA/HSPA and future LTE networks.

EDGE Evolution - The next step

We are committed to driving standardization and industrialization of EDGE, and its next incarnation, EDGE Evolution - a series of technical improvements that bring peak data rates up to 1Mbps and boost network data capacity threefold.

EDGE Evolution can be implemented through a software upgrade of existing Ericsson EDGE networks, maximizing the lifetime of the investments made in GSM/EDGE equipment.

GSM Radio Access Network Products

Our future-proof, feature-rich, complete and flexible GSM RAN product portfolio gives the operator the possibility to minimize total cost of ownership while maximizing revenue.

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