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New Ericsson power module integrates ultra-wide voltage input for telecom and Power-over-Ethernet applications

2014-04-10 Categorías: Technology
  • Enhanced 50W ultra-wide-input power module in sixteenth-brick footprint simplifies Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) applications
  • Ultra-wide input voltage from 18V to 75V means new module accommodates 24V and 48V systems, reduces inventories and is also suitable for remote power feed applications
  • Enhanced thermal layout improves power-dissipation in low-airflow applications
  • 2250Vdc isolation matches Power-over-Ethernet specifications

Cobertura de aplicaciones – un nuevo enfoque para el rendimiento de la red

2014-04-04 Categorías: Technology, Portfolio
Cobertura de aplicaciones – un nuevo enfoque para el rendimiento de la red

Los usuarios de los teléfonos inteligentes desean que sus aplicaciones funcionen en cualquier lugar y en cualquier momento. El concepto de Ericsson para la cobertura de aplicaciones ayuda a los operadores a garantizar que brinden un rendimiento real para sus suscriptores.

Moving fast and breaking things

2014-03-25 Categorías: Ericsson Business Review
Moving fast and breaking things

The hottest ICT topic today is digital business transformation. But what does it really mean? Is digital business transformation just a buzzword that your colleagues and competitors throw around carelessly? Or is there a real story behind it all? We set out to answer these burning questions – and what we found may surprise you.

App coverage - a new approach to network performance

2014-03-17 Categorías: Technology, Portfolio
App coverage - a new approach to network performance

Smartphone users want their apps to work – anywhere, anytime. Ericsson’s app coverage concept helps operators ensure that they deliver real performance to their subscribers.

Ericsson power modules new footprint-compatible DC/DC deliver increased flexibility in power system design

2014-03-11 Categorías: Technology
  • New 6A and 18A output variants join BMR461 family of advanced DC/DC point-of-load (POL) regulator modules
  • 100 percent-compatible footprint means wide choice of output capability while retaining board design simplicity
  • Duo of modules offer high performance without compromising on dynamic response
  • Auto-compensated digital POL regulators based on ‘state-space’ or ‘model-predictive’ control, reducing cost and time-to-market while increasing flexibility

Ericsson power modules lowers inventory costs with ultra-wide voltage module for radio applications

2014-02-21 Categorías: Technology
  • New DC/DC modules feature ultra-wide output voltage range from 10V to 33V to power wide radio-frequency power amplifier applications
  • Flexibility with parallel and series mode of operation available reduces inventory costs
  • Enhanced thermal layout improves power dissipation for cold-wall assembling
  • Isolation simplifies implementation in three-wire telecom systems

Ericsson third-generation 25A digital point-of-load regulator embeds dynamic loop compensation

2013-12-11 Categorías: Technology
  • New 25A regulator offers very high power density of 28.44W/cm3 (465W/in3) and 25 percent more output current in the same footprint as second-generation 20A module
  • Dynamic Loop Compensation improves stability and shortens time-to-market
  • Paralleling of seven modules with phase spreading delivers 175A, while ripple-and-noise is reduced to the lowest possible level

Building more people-centric cities

2013-12-10 Categorías: Ericsson Business Review
Building more people-centric cities

We do not have to choose between technology and people. ICT holds the key to making future cities more dynamic and inclusive, says John Rossant, founder and chairman of the New Cities Foundation.

Driving service evolution in the age of smartphones

2013-12-10 Categorías: Ericsson Business Review
Hiroyasu Asami

Hiroyasu Asami, Executive Vice President and Managing Director of Smart-Life Business Division for NTT DOCOMO, talks about how the Japanese operator has faced the challenges and opportunities that smartphones create in terms of services, and how he expects the company’s services to develop in the future.

Our future is already here - how global cities will shape ICT

2013-12-10 Categorías: Ericsson Business Review
Our future is already here – how global cities will shape ICT

At Ericsson ConsumerLab, our consumer research looks at how specific cultural expectations may shift ICT onto different developmental trajectories in various cities around the world.

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