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Shandong Cable Network taps Ericsson to deliver on-demand services to Chinese consumers

2013-10-22 Categories: Industry
  • Deployment strengthens Ericsson’s position as the leading provider of on-demand solutions in China
  • Delivers powerful Video-On-Demand (VOD) content to 21 million subscribers across range of mobile and fixed devices
  • China is home to the largest TV cable market worldwide with around 200 million subscribers

Rostelecom, Russia: Reshaping content delivery

2013-09-12 Categories: Case stories
Rostelecom, Russia: Reshaping content delivery

Rostelecom optimizes its content delivery network, benefiting both content providers and subscribers.

Ericsson Multiscreen TV User Experience

2013-04-12 Categories: Portfolio, Technology
Ericsson Multiscreen TV User Experience

Ericsson Multiscreen TV solution user interface on different screens, main TV, tablets, phones and personal computer.

IP-Based Mobile and Fixed Network Audiovisual Media Services - Current Approaches for Quality Monitoring

2013-02-14 Categories: Conference papers

This article provides a tutorial overview of current approaches for monitoring the quality perceived by users of IP-based audiovisual media services. The article addresses both mobile and fixed network services such as mobile TV or Internet Protocol TV (IPTV). It reviews the different quality models that exploit packet-header-, bit stream-, or signal-information for providing audio, video, and audiovisual quality estimates, respectively. It describes how these models can be applied for real-life monitoring, and how they can be adapted to reflect the information available at the given measurement point. An outlook gives insight into emerging trends.

Chunghwa Telecom, Taiwan: Any place any screen

2012-08-20 Categories: Case stories
Chunghwa Telecom, Taiwan

Chunghwa Telecom first in Taiwan to launch multiscreen television service

Ericsson multiscreen TV solution recognized with IP&TV industry award

2012-03-26 Categories: Recognitions & Awards
  • Wins ‘best component or enabler’ category at prestigious annual awards ceremony
  • Recognizes Ericsson contribution to driving the future of television with complete multi-screen, multi-platform delivery
  • Sixth consecutive year of Ericsson success at IP&TV Industry Awards

Ericsson drives next-generation multi-screen TV experiences at CCBN

2012-03-20 Categories: Industry
  • Offers solutions to meet rapidly emerging demands for true multi-screen consumer experiences
  • CCBN debut of linear multi-screen TV processing solution
  • Shows industry’s most complete portfolio for unified TV experiences on multiple devices

Ericsson unifies Broadcast and IP to drive Multi-Screen TV experiences

2012-03-16 Categories: Industry
  • Powers the evolution of IPTV into true multi-screen consumer experiences
  • Combines broadcast and IP to enable multi-platform service delivery for all operators
  • Shows industry’s most complete portfolio for multi-platform, multi-screen TV
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