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LTE subscriptions reached 200 million in Q4 2013

2014-02-18 Categories: Reports
Ericsson Mobility Report

The latest interim update to the Ericsson Mobility Report highlights the continued rapid growth of smartphones and connectivity.

zCap: a zero configuration adaptive paging and mobility management mechanism

2014-02-07 Categories: Conference papers

Today, cellular networks rely on fixed collections of cells (tracking areas) for user equipment localisation. Locating users within these areas involves broadcast search (paging), which consumes radio bandwidth but reduces the user equipment signalling required for mobility management. Tracking areas are today manually configured, hard to adapt to local mobility and influence the load on several key resources in the network. We propose a decentralised and self-adaptive approach to mobility management based on a probabilistic model of local mobility.

Ericsson Experience Manager wins MobITS Award

2013-11-05 Categories: Recognitions & Awards
  • Ericsson Experience Manager recognized for its innovative service quality management solution
  • Enables operators to proactively manage service quality and customer experience
  • Near Real-time and holistic views of service performance support proactive intervention to improve experience, and speed service introductions and trouble response

Mobility moving faster than ever: facts and figures

2013-07-12 Categories: Industry, Technology
Ericsson Mobility Report

Growth in mobile communications and data traffic just keeps accelerating. Today there are over 6.4 billion mobile subscriptions worldwide, with 130 million new net additions in the first quarter of 2013. The latest Ericsson Mobility Report looks at where this growth is coming from, where it is heading and what it means. This new short film visualizes key findings from this report. These findings are based on data traffic measurements that we have carried out on our networks worldwide since the early days of mobile broadband.

The Importance of Innovative Offerings

2013-05-30 Categories: Industry
Michael George Ramzi, Senior Manager, Solutions and Project Management, Mobinil, Egypt

Today’s competitive landscape in Egypt is driving operators to create innovative offers that allow them to deliver on customer expectations while staying profitable.

Bringing Innovative Offers to Market Efficiently

2013-05-27 Categories: Industry
Mohamed El Amnawy

Keeping up with the demands of the large youth market in Asia and Africa, means operators need to be fast in bringing innovative new offers to market.

Ericsson brings connectivity to schools in the Arab world

2012-10-17 Categories: Corporate
  • Ericsson, Djibouti Telecom, Ministry of Telecommunication and Ministry of Education announce the launch of the Connect To Learn project
  • 1,300 students and teachers have access to laptops, projectors, training, broadband connectivity and online educational resources
  • Launch of Connect To Learn in the Arab world
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