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Customer View. Issue 1, 2012

2012-02-06 Kategorien Case stories

Customer View takes a look at the transformative role of mobile broadband in some of the remotest areas on Earth, with case studies highlighting how rural communities are joining the journey to the Networked Society. Cases include: The vast distances covered by Telstra Australia’s converged all-IP network; the impact of VinaPhone’s mobile broadband network in Vietnam; how a three-way public-private partnership is changing lives in rural Chile; and highlighting the benefits of Unitel’s network in Angola and Digital Pacific’s network in Papua New Guinea.

Vendor, operator and government public-private partnership delivers mobile broadband success to rural Chile

2011-12-23 Kategorien Case stories, Industry
Public-private partnership transforming lives

Mobile broadband coverage to 90 percent of the rural population of Chile, incorporating some of the most difficult terrain on Earth, shows what is possible when telecom vendor, operator and government work in partnership.

Digital seniors redefine expectations

2011-11-11 Kategorien Case stories

Swedes are getting older – and more active. Quality of life expectations are being redefined. What does this mean for society? And which role will technical innovations play in the future?

It’s a small world for Ericsson Managed Services’ Steve Becher

2011-10-24 Kategorien Case stories, Industry
Steve Becher

Ericsson’s Steve Becher has a key role in one of the company’s largest managed services contracts. He works closely on a daily basis with his colleagues in the US to deliver services to one of North America’s largest operators. So why is he based thousands of miles away, in India?

Unitel, Angola: Ready for action

2011-10-17 Kategorien Case stories
Unitel, Angola: Ready for action

Unitel opens the door to a seamless provision of rich multimedia content.

Velti, UK: Instant Impact

2011-10-06 Kategorien Case stories

Velti helps its customers communicate and engage with consumers around the world

Entel, Chile: Better with mobile broadband

2011-09-05 Kategorien Case stories
Entel, Chile: Better with mobile broadband

A public-private initiative delivers mobile broadband coverage to Chile’s sparse rural population, increasing productivity and enhancing quality of life.

Ausgrid, Australia: Smart grid network to use LTE

2011-08-25 Kategorien Case stories
Ausgrid, Australia

Australia’s largest electricity distributor builds wireless smart grid network. 4G wireless is set to be an integral part of Australia’s leading "smart grid" rollout after an agreement between Ericsson and Ausgrid, Australia’s largest energy distributor (formerly EnergyAustralia).

Avea, Turkey: Rapid transformation

2011-08-16 Kategorien Case stories
Avea, Turkey: Rapid transformation

Avea, Turkey’s mobile backhaul transformation project increases network capacity and supports fast growth.

LTE lifts live-TV coverage

2011-08-16 Kategorien Portfolio, Case stories
LTE lifts live-TV coverage

LTE technology is known for its ultrafast mobile broadband capabilities. Now it is helping deliver better quality live-TV coverage from events on the move, improving the experience for both broadcasters and viewers.

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