Ericsson Program & Change Management

Maximizing the benefits from a major technology investment or a business transformation depends upon an organizations ability to take new capability delivered by technology and turn it into business benefits delivering business outcomes. Effective program and Change management helps you embed changes into the business to secure measurable benefits.

While Program Management is no substitute for well run projects, projects are only as good as their individual components. Program Management can make a real difference by ensuring that the business case for an investment is achieved.

Ericsson’s experienced program managers using global knowledge and process can work with you to transform technology into business.

We build on recognized Project Management Institute (PMI) methodologies and add a flexible and rapid approach.

Our Program and Change Management offering:

  • Focuses on the business benefits you want to achieve and ensures that the component projects deliver the outputs required to create new capability.
  • Ensures the entire process of change is focused on defining and achieving wanted business results
  • Helps identify and manage complex interactions between stakeholders to ensure the success of the program.
  • Identifies and implements cross-functional and cross-organizational corporate initiatives to transform parts of the customer business in line with business strategies
  • Manages all interdependencies and associated risks
  • Assures sustainable changes in organization, process, people and competence, tools and systems, and networks.
  • Adds flexibility to work in an uncertain environment to adapt to changing circumstances over the lifecycle of a large, complex program.

Drawing on extensive global experience and expertise from both the business and technology side of telecoms, Ericsson is one of the few suppliers that can handle the scale, pace and complexity of the “business transformation” challenge.