Ericsson Customer Experience Assurance

Increase your customer agility and remove obstacles to effective customer experience management, with the CRM system specifically designed for telecom operators.

Ericsson Customer Experience Assurance Overview

Service providers are highly aware that improving users’ customer experience is key in today’s hypercompetitive market environment. However, most customer relationship management (CRM) solutions have not been developed specifically for the needs of the telecom industry, and also use after-the-fact analytics that do not allow for real-time action that can affect a customer’s session.

Ericsson Customer Experience Assurance is a new approach to customer experience management. It allows service providers to deliver superior service quality based on real-time insights about the usage experience of each individual customer. That experience is the most critical step in customer retention and long term loyalty. Ericsson Customer Experience Assurance provides insights to service operations centers (SOC) and customer care centers, enabling providers to boost their brand and get a step ahead of the competition. Insights are tied directly to daily operations, so that big data can be easily incorporated into routine business processes.

What is Ericsson Customer Experience Assurance?

Pat of our Assurance suite, Ericsson Customer Experience Assurance is a telecom-specific, complete customer experience management solution that moves big data out of the lab and into typical business processes. The solution drives “closed loop action” to provide customer experience insights that are tied directly to daily operations. Ericsson Customer Experience Assurance leverages the Ericsson Expert Analytics platform to give you an end-to-end view of the customer experience provided for every individual customer session. Key components include:

  • Expert Analytics platform. Get a detailed, integrated view of the actual experience perceived by individual customers and its associated probable causes (network, terminal, subscription, third party content). Get Expert Analytics insights based on correlated network events and performance metrics from various data sources, using pre-configured data models and rule sets based on Ericsson’s deep network expertise and primary research findings.
  • Role-specific customer care GUIs. Automatically deliver relevant insights to first- and second-line customer care agents, so they can immediately see experience issues that customers have encountered and reduce call time, resolve more calls first-time and create fewer trouble tickets.
  • Operations center GUI. Get actionable insights into network issues that are or could affect the customer experience by specifically identifying and prioritizing customer-impacting events. Become more proactive by diagnosing and addressing issues faster and knowing which events require follow-up to stop problems from spreading.

Why Use Ericsson Customer Experience Assurance?

Ericsson Customer Experience Assurance gives you a better way to take care of your customers, putting real-time information about the quality and causes of their experience in the hands of customer care and operations. Consider Ericsson Customer Experience Assurance if you want to:

  • Shorten customer care calls. Put real-time cause and effect of any individual customer’s usage experience into the hands of customer care agents for faster first-time call resolution and fewer trouble tickets.
  • Proactively monitor operations. Give SOC personnel the real-time ability to know the probable cause of each event for faster diagnosis and reduced mean-time-to-repair.
  • Improve the customer experience. Reduce churn and raise your net promoter score through better service delivery using granular information about every customer and every event.