Ericsson Critical Infrastructure Protection

Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) is our complete, flexible and robust solution for protection of infrastructure that is critical to a society’s existence.


The following sectors have been identified as critical infrastructure by the European Union and the United States:

  • Transportation
  • Power
  • Information and Communications
  • Emergency Services
  • Banking and Finance
  • Federal and Municipal Services
  • Law Enforcement Agencies
  • Public Works
  • Agriculture and Food
  • National Monuments and Icons
Critical infrastructure systems are vulnerable to a range of hazards, such as criminal activity, accidents and natural disasters. The protection of critical infrastructure is essential not only to our well being, but to our way of life. Therefore, government agencies, private industries, educational institutions and citizens all have a vested interest in protecting critical infrastructure.

Meeting Societies Needs

The operational objectives of the CIP solution are to detect, classify and properly respond to all potential threats to the subject area, whether a hub, facility or associated asset such as, but not limited to railroad tracks, airport runways and fuel storage facilities.
The challenge is to develop a customer solution that will counter the potential threats, and to deploy the correct sensors and system functionality at the correct locations.
Each system designed, component specified and product selected will be based on a comprehensive analysis of threats, environment, end-user tasks, processes and technological requirements. In addition, the customer's current system will be analyzed for possible re-use and integration with our solution.
The resulting CIP solution is flexible and modular, and may be expanded with new system components and functionality in order to cope with adapting threat sources.


We offer comprehensive solutions, tailored to known threats and the physical environment, comprised of technology and operational processes, capable of meeting specific customer needs. Our solutions offer maximum operational performance for a given CAPEX and OPEX.
Key benefits:

  • Expand forensic capabilities
  • Reduce operating costs through efficient deployment and use of resources
  • Provide a highly reliable, maintainable, cost-effective, tailored security solution
  • Modernize security infrastructure while controlling CAPEX
  • Meet international obligations and comply with regulations
  • Comprehensive, efficient and effective large-scale program management
  • A scalable solution that meets current requirements and eases future expansion