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Learning to learn smarter

2011-08-22 Categories: Industry, Corporate
Learning to learn smarter

The quickening pace of change in the Information Communication Technology (ICT) industry puts organizations’ ability to adapt and learn to the test – especially for larger organizations, with their numerous structures, mechanisms and processes.

Generalitat Valenciana

2011-08-09 Categories: Case stories

An average of 13,000 emergency response calls are managed every day in the Comunitat Valenciana region. Each year around 7 million people are assisted by the emergency services. To ensure the optimal utilization of public safety resources, the 112 Comunitat Valenciana (112CV) requires the right decision-making processes to be in place to ensure a secure and speedy response to all its emergency calls.

App award winners solve kitchen and purchasing angst

2011-06-22 Categories: Technology, Industry

The winners of the Ericsson Application Awards for 2011 are developers who solve problems of domestic food waste and help friends and experts inform consumers whether they are making a good purchase.

Redefining urban life

2011-06-10 Categories: Ericsson Business Review
Cities will drive creativity and development in all industries, and ICT will play a key role.

Making sense of the new data streams.

2011-06-10 Categories: Ericsson Business Review
The information-driven global value chain is already changing the business landscape in a big way. According to researcher Catherine Mulligan, operators risk becoming tier-two suppliers — unless they evolve

Consumers take their lives into the cloud

2011-05-12 Categories: Corporate, Reports
  • Consumers increasingly rely on cloud-based services to perform everyday tasks
  • 35 percent of US Android and iPhone users interact with such non-voice apps as Facebook on their smartphones before even getting out of bed
  • Ericsson ConsumerLab’s research findings were presented at Ericsson Business Innovation Forum in Silicon Valley on May 11

Innovation and collaboration key to success in networked society

2011-05-12 Categories: Corporate

More than 80 journalists from thirty countries visited Ericsson’s third annual Business Innovation Forum, held May 10-11 in Silicon Valley, California. Ten speakers with diverse backgrounds – ranging from a firefighter to a venture capitalist – joined Ericsson executives and specialists for an agenda that touched on all aspects of the Networked Society and its potential to improve the lives of people, business, and society.

Video a megatrend in the networked society

2011-04-05 Categories: Corporate
  • Hans Vestberg holds keynote speech at MIPTV Connected Creativity forum in Cannes
  • Television viewing habits increasing on the move, increasing complexity for mobile networks
  • Media and video delivered from the cloud will improve delivery speed, reduce cost and increase quality of service
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