Ericsson User Profile Gateway UPG


Leverage user data as a business asset and enable more personalized, dynamic services. With focus to provide immediate value to operators based on safe exposure of network data.

User Profile Gateway Overview

Communication service evolution and the ongoing convergence make user profile data and context more complex. Collection of data may be unstructured and random. Such silo oriented approach typically hinders data flow across organizational barriers.

User Profile Gateway gives operators a competitive edge by real time data, starting by virtualization of user data from the core network. Moving fast shortens the time to value and User Profile Gateway brings the tools to simplify and work smarter, whilst removing IT bottlenecks.

Why Use User Profile Gateway?

Serve increasing need for data from network department. Introduce flexibility and simplification to add/adapt data collection logic. Ready with IT preferred protocols to bridge organizational barriers. Consider User Profile Gateway if you want to:

  • Maximize operational performance: Robust data exposure and on-line analytics on high availability servers with advanced error handling.
  • Stimulate growth and differentiation: Customer cases show much improved capability to respond to users at first call while empowering second line support to complete tasks quicker and at less cost.
  • Technology evolution: Evolving in line with Ericsson User Data Management solutions.
  • Minimize revenue leakage:  Improve stability of services and networks with consistent data.