APZ 212 30—Ericsson’s new high-capacity AXE central processor

Written by: Per Holmberg and Nils Isaksson

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The APZ 212 30 is a completely new central processor for the AXE system with three to four times the execution capacity of its predecessors. The high capacity is achieved by combining unique APZ performance features with state-of-the-art processor architecture and innovative design. Other features in the new processor are improved memory capacity and a new ring network for external communication interfaces that greatly extends the flexibility of regional processor bus configurations and enables the APZ processors to make use of new, high-speed communication interfaces. The implementation of highly integrated CMOS circuits gives low power dissipation and improves reliability. Being fully compatible with existing applications and installed hardware, the new processor can be used in new installations and for upgrading the system execution and memory capacity of previously installed systems. With this new processor, the AXE 10 system satisfies the demands for greater capacity created by the increasing number of subscribers in mobile networks and by new, revenue-generating service offerings. The authors describe the architecture and implementation of the new APZ 212 30 processor, paying special regard to its advanced execution and communication mechanisms.

[First published in Ericsson Review no. 03, 1999]