Network Evolution

Telephone poles

Network Evolution offers operators support in transforming fixed and mobile single service networks into IP-based, cost efficient, multi-service engines that cater for attractive communication services.


Networks Software 15A

Our Networks software release 15A boosts user experience, increases energy efficiency, brings commercial OpenStack to the market and introduces our new software model.

Networks Software 14B

Networks Software 14B is our first coordinated network-wide software launch and is focused on enhancing network performance and enabling operator growth. The over 200 new and ...

Mobile Telephony Evolution with VoLTE

Ericsson Mobile Telephony Evolution with VoLTE is a business solution that provides operators with a complete solution to evolve their voice business towards an all-IP ...

HD voice

HD voice is a common marketing name for all technologies that improve the speech quality for mobile and fixed telephone calls to the next level.

Regulatory Solutions

Our regulatory solutions ensure you are compliant with regulatory requirements. In a cost-efficient and secure way we protect your legally mandated operations.

Key Products

  • IMS

    Ericsson IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem) is a core network solution built on 3GPP standards, enabling real-time consumer and enterprise communication services over ...

  • Mobile Switching

    Our mobile switching portfolio provides efficient switching solutions for mobile circuit-switched voice calls, while ensuring a future-proof network evolution to Voice over LTE (VoLTE).

  • Signaling Routing

    In many networks there is a need for shifting from a distributed handling of the network signaling topology onto a more centralized topology. One reason for moving from a distributed to ...

  • User Data Management

    Providing subscription handling for all the processes related to the privacy, authentication, authorization and mobility management of end users in mobile and converged networks.

  • CDMA Voice Core

    Ericsson CDMA Voice Core allows operators to deploy a state of the art platform to support 3GPP2-compliant network, manage costs while growing their subscriber base. It delivers network operators ...

New software launch

With Software 15A Ericsson introduces a new software model for mobile networks with predefined software packages ensuring better performance and a software subscription model reducing time to market for new functionality.

Networks Software 15A