Ericsson Deep Fiber Access

Today’s digital life is expanding into more areas of society and business. When one person is connected their life changes and when everything is connected our world changes. One of the most important things in a networked society is to get the data into the ground as fast as possible, make the data share as many common paths as possible, and make the data as smart as possible. Our Deep fiber access solutions enable operators to offer full range of revenue generating services in a simple, smart and scalable manner.


dfa simple smart scalable

Fiber is pushed deeper into the network and closer to the user as an all-optical IP network results in dramatic efficiencies, savings, and significantly more bandwidth.  Fiber being the end game, is radically redefining the fixed line operators. Our Deep Fiber Access solutions enable new media experiences, while lowering network costs, and consist of comprehensive end-to-end solutions that span from the broadband access EDA portfolio, to passive fiber solutions, to the most comprehensive services offering. These solutions are future proof and facilitate the shift to adapt to the changing business models and monetize the fiber access network for years to come. 


A Broadband Revolution

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