Ericsson Transit Switching Center TSC


The main purpose of a transit exchange is to switch traffic between other exchanges, allowing these other exchanges to concentrate on their core function, rather than in transiting traffic.

Transit solutions

A number of products are available to build transit solutions:

  • The Transit Switching Center (also called TSC Classic) can be used to build hierarchical networks with centralized interconnect using TDM based technology.

In addition to the transit function, other optional functions can also be located in the Transit Switching Center, adding additional benefits and possibilities to create an optimized network solution:

  • The Gateway Mobile Switching Center (GMSC) for the interrogation of HLR
  • Service Switching Function (SSF) to interwork with an SCP node
  • Short Message Service GMSC (SMS-GMSC), receiving all terminating Short Messages from the Short Message Service Centre 


By introducing Transit Switching Centers, we can offer operators PLMNs that are easier and more cost effective to manage. Capacity can be released in the existing nodes, as the TSC is an integrated part of the PLMN.

  • Centralized interconnect to other PSTN/PLMN
  • Structure large networks to interconnect regions
  • A more flexible network with reduced O&M cost
  • Scalable capacity and comprehensive service capabilities maximize revenue potential