Emergency Response 
Effective communication for rapid response

The emphasis is on providing effective support for communication, and collaboration within and between agencies, ensuring that all parties involved have real-time data to support decision making and action.

Our products utilize the latest telecommunications technology for wide coverage and economies of scale. They are scalable solutions that are effective in day-to-day operations as well as in extraordinary incidents.

They provide communication wherever the public network exists, increasing operational area and communication capacity. And since public networks are based on open standards, our products ensure interoperability and enable communication from day one.

They also offer mobile broadband and access to a wide range of data services, offering secure and enriched communications for improved situation awareness.
The products have been developed using our specific expertise in this field as well as our extensive experience in deployment and integration, ensuring they can be well-integrated into solutions that meet customer needs.


An excellent example of the solution and services of this type is the solution for the Single European Emergency Call Number 112.

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