Careers and Job Fair at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing 
Company's appearance at the Fair
The Careers and Job Fair is taking place at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, FER, on 13th and 14th May. It provides opportunities for an exchange of information and for contacts between students and possible employers. The purpose of the Fair is to provide information to students about the trends in job markets and about the leading companies and their needs for top quality, graduate workforce. Employers are given the opportunity to present themselves to ambitious, young people who will soon start searching for an attractive place to work. 


Ericsson Nikola Tesla is anew in a period of growth and needs top talents among university graduates. Accordingly, the company readily accepted the invitation to present its activities at the students' fair. 


A one-hour presentation of the company was held by Marijana Đuzel, Human Resources Director. She said human capital was important to the company and its end product – knowledge. The company's business strategy includes activities aimed at attracting, developing and retaining best specialists who should accomplish complex tasks in modern technologies. She emphasized the company would go on with its scholarship awarding program intended for the best students in final semesters of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing and the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture. With this program the company endeavors to secure its future highly qualified workforce and to participate in creating a knowledge society. She also announced an Open-Doors Day (for FER students in final semesters) that is to take place late in May on company premises. 

The next speaker was Mijo Soldin, manager in System Integration department. Interested students listened to the topics such as business challenges, career development, possibilities for an international career, and work in regional and global teams, business trips, and hanging out with colleagues from all over the world, pleasant working environment and performance oriented salary system.

A traditional knowledge contest took place and the company rewarded the quickest among students to give all-correct answers. 


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