HW Service 
Main HW Services
The information relates to HW repair for the equipment and the parts during the warranty period and afterwards. Main services we offer to customers are: Swap (basic swap and swap in advance) of faulty unit, repair and return of faulty unit, administrative services in connection with repair processes (customer, repair centres, suppliers)and sales of spare parts.
Basic Swap
The customer receives a replacement from ETK buffer store only after the faulty unit from the customer is delivered at ETK buffer store. The faulty unit is sent for repair.
Swap in advance
Pursuant to the order the customer receives a replacement unit in advance from ETK buffer store, according to the information in the order. The customer than sends the faulty unit for repair to HW Services.
Repair and Return
In case there is no spare unit in the ETK store, the faulty unit is sent for repair and then it is returned to the customer.