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Datafication is transforming the industry landscape

2014-04-04 Categories: Reports, Industry, Technology
Datafication is transforming the industry landscape

For decades, digitalization has been transforming how companies and individuals co-ordinate and communicate with one another. Datafication, on the other hand, promises to completely redefine nearly every aspect of our existence as humans.

Dramatic change is transforming business

2014-03-27 Categories: Industry, Technology, Reports
Dramatic change is transforming business

Digitalization has unleashed a wave of transformation across a range of industries. The pace of change has been mind boggling and will only continue to accelerate. Everything from business models and product categories to financing and human resources will transform in order to take advantage of the possibilities of the Networked Society.

Games move towards connected future: report

2014-03-11 Categories: Reports
Games move towards connected future: report

The world of games is being transformed. A new Ericsson ConsumerLab report says this transformation is being driven largely by a wave of new devices, more stable internet access and ever-increasing interest.

Ericsson ConsumerLab: Privacy, security and safety online

2014-02-21 Categories: Reports
Ericsson ConsumerLab: Privacy, security and safety online

This report is the third installment from Ericsson ConsumerLab investigating matters of user privacy, integrity and security online.

LTE subscriptions reached 200 million in Q4 2013

2014-02-18 Categories: Reports
Ericsson Mobility Report

The latest interim update to the Ericsson Mobility Report highlights the continued rapid growth of smartphones and connectivity.

Survival guide to the next generation working life

2014-02-17 Categories: Reports
  • Mobile and digital technologies are expanding into society, business and private life and are changing how we work
  • According to an Ericsson Networked Society Lab study, employees need to adopt a new set of skills in order to remain relevant in the market
  • Employers need to motivate people to stay when employees have a growing need for a deeper level of meaning in their work

Large Scale Multi-view Learning on MapReduce

2014-01-27 Categories: Reports

Across domains, many machine learning problems involve data which naturally comprises multiple views. Multi-view Learning is a machine learning technique that can utilize multiple views. Here we focus on co-training style multi-view learning algorithm under semi-supervised conditions which leverages both labeled and unlabeled data. In many domains, amount of (unlabeled) data available is very huge in size, which makes it impossible to learn serially in a single machine. In this work, we study various distributed multi-view learning using both consensus and complementary principles. We also propose an efficient computational design on Hadoop for learning multiple classifiers.

Connected lifestyles’ expectations identified

2014-01-15 Categories: Reports
  • A connected society changes our lifestyles and creates new needs and expectations
  • Ericsson ConsumerLab’s Connected Lifestyles report identifies key success criteria for the services of tomorrow to satisfy these needs
  • Key findings describe emerging needs and present new opportunities
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