Ericsson Satellite Backhaul

The use of satellite technology for mobile network transport opens new opportunities for service providers to deliver voice and data to areas without communications today.

Meeting market needs

Providing voice and data services everywhere is a key requirement for today's service providers. Satellite Backhaul extends the ability to provide these services to difficult or cost-prohibitive areas and segments, including:

  • Where topography or distance restricts connection to mobile networks
  • Temporary hot spots such as concerts, exhibitions or sporting events
  • Disaster areas where emergency communications are needed
  • Cruise ships, maritime shipping, oil rigs and motorized transport, such as commercial trucking
The solution is a combination of satellite and mobile technology.

Offering summary

We have integrated our market-leading mobile technology with new satellite transmission capabilities to offer Satellite Backhaul solutions for cost-effective ground connectivity.

The offering has been developed in close cooperation with industry-leading satellite technology providers. Ericsson’s core products have also been used and adapted to maximize the cost-effectiveness of transmission links.

Through a broad portfolio of products and extensive end-to-end systems engineering capabilities, we have been able to develop a satellite solution that meets each specific customer's business demands.

Satellite Backhaul solutions:

  • Are engineered to provide full-feature functionality as well as high performance and reliability
  • Comply with global standards for interoperability
  • Include access transport solutions fully integrated with our new IP RBS portfolio, including Local Connectivity Feature (LCF)
  • Support the full range of telephony and data services, including GPRS/EDGE services, virtually and transparently.

Main benefits

By choosing Satellite Backhaul, service providers gain access to extensive experience and competence in developing solutions that support expansion into new markets, as well as a community of dedicated satellite communications professionals.

By employing our broad portfolio of products and engineering and deployment services, customized solutions with optimal operating and capital expenditure can be rolled out quickly with minimal cost.