IP Network and Transport

Packet core, optical and microwave networks, routing and switching products that are simple, smart and scalable allow you to handle broadband growth and ensure a smooth evolution to all-IP.


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Fixed Access

Ericsson has been partnering with Calix since 2012 to offer next generation Broadband Access products and services to our customers worldwide. Calix is a US-based fixed access vendor ...

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IP Edge

What is “IP Edge”?
The IP Edge comprises the systems and functions that deliver a high QoE for the services that end users demand. These systems are placed between the metro and ...

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Microwave Networks

Our microwave offering provides the lowest cost of ownership, whether it is for new mobile network rollouts, evolution of mobile networks, or fixed broadband over microwave.

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Multiservice Switches

Ericsson has a strong PPX product portfolio that serves a broad installed base with requirements for multiservice and backbone data networks.

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Optical Transport

The Optical Networks product family provides cost-effective, scalable and flexible solutions to meet operator needs today and in the future.

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Evolved Packet Core

Our widely deployed Evolved Packet Core solutions provide the capacity, functionality and superior performance needed for next-generation broadband.

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Software Defined Networking

Software Defined Networking (SDN) is bringing about disruptive innovations that enable service providers to build rapidly scalable and agile ...