Cables and Interconnect Products

Product Area Cables and Interconnect was during 2013 closed down and all development and manufacturing has been discontinued.

Included product lines have been handled in different ways as described below:

Energy Infrastructure

This product line has been sold to NKT Cables and most products have been phased-out from the Ericsson group.

Phase-out product groups are:

  • High Voltage ≤ 170 kV (AXLJ, AXQJ, AXALJ, Accessories, Services)
  • Medium Voltage 12-36 kV (AXAL-TT, AXCEQ, AXCEL)
  • Universal Cables (AXCES, EXCEL, FXCEL)
  • Low voltage (FK, EXQ, EXLQ N1XE, AXKJ)
  • Control cables (EKFR, EKLR, EKKR)
  • Remote power (Micro Power Grid)

Products still valid within Ericsson has been transferred to Site Solution

Interconnect Cables

Development and manufacturing of Interconnect cables (Power and Signal cables) has been discontinued within Ericsson and all operations has been sold to external companies:.

Responsibility on signal and power cable still needed has been transferred to Site Solution.

Passive Fiber Infrastructure

This product line has been transferred to Business Unit Global Services with changed scope to support Fiber Network Deployment projects and not drive separate product sale.

The portfolio information will be updated during spring 2014 to reflect the changed scope and focus of the product area.