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Health care and painting apps win top prizes in 2012 Ericsson Application Awards

2012-05-22 Categories: Technology, Recognitions & Awards
  • Mobile health-care app developed in Africa wins first prize in the company category
  • Painting and chatting app wins first prize in the student category
  • Medico-social platform that provides access to medical information wins Technology for Good prize

OSS and BSS - critical enablers for the Networked Society

2012-05-22 Categories: Industry, Portfolio
Hans Vestberg

The communications industry is in a state of transformation. People and machines have never been so seamlessly connected. The major building blocks enabling the Networked Society – broadband, mobility, and the cloud – are creating opportunities that are changing the way that many industries do business. And these opportunities bring with them a new set of challenges.

New Power Modules meet increased power and energy monitoring demands

2012-05-21 Categories: Technology
  • New series of Power Interface Modules deliver on promise of greater power handling
  • Extensive range of energy monitoring functionalities via the PMBus
  • New modules handle up to 20A across 36V to 75V input voltage range

Realize opportunities at TM Forum's Management World 2012

2012-05-21 Categories: Industry
  • Enhanced OSS/BSS the key to realizing better user experience, business innovation and operational efficiency
  • Ericsson will demonstrate the breadth and depth of its holistic OSS/BSS portfolio
  • Ericsson’s consultation and systems integration capabilities adds value to its multi-technology and multi-vendor solutions

LTE voice evolution: Phase one. "Circuit-switched fallback. The first phase of voice evolution for mobile LTE services"

2012-05-18 Categories: Industry

As an all-IP data-only transport technology, LTE presents challenges in satisfying established quality of service (QoS) expectations for mobile telephony for LTE-capable smartphones being served on the LTE network.

Transport networks in the cloud age

2012-05-18 Categories: Ericsson Review, Technology
Transport networks in the cloud age

Network convergence, the rise of content distribution networks and the consolidation of service hosting enabled by the cloud-computing model are significantly altering traffic patterns being observed by service providers. These developments, along with changes in the business environment, are driving the choices for technology.

City life: How satisfied are you?

2012-05-14 Categories: Reports, Industry
City Life

A new Ericsson ConsumerLab report looks at what makes a city a desirable place to live.

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