Marconi LH

SDH/Sonet optimized Medium and Long haul trunk Microwave transmission node

The Marconi LH digital radio system provides cost effective wireless transmission and is ideal for any application where a fast rollout is needed or when fiber is not available.

Product description

Marconi Long Haul (Marconi LH) is an economic alternative to fiber-bound transmission systems thanks to its full SDH/SONET compatibility and integrated network management.

It is especially suited to situations where fiber is not available, such as fast modification of network topology, and to rapid rollout of backbone and feeder networks, such as fiber substitution in difficult terrain.

Marconi LH:

  • Transmits up to 20 STM-1/OC-3 data streams from 4GHz to 13GHz on a single antenna
  • Uses 64 MLQAM and 128 MLQAM modulation schemes in conjunction with a cross-polarization interference canceller (XPIC) to ensure very efficient utilization of frequency bands
  • Provides long hop lengths with high system gain and versatile diversity methods
  • Is supported with extensive management systems
  • Is verified to work with TDM and Ethernet networks

Customer benefits

Marconi LH provides the reliability, high performance and capacity expected of a market leader, combined with the simplified installation, expansion and operation needed to reduce total cost of ownership.

This cost-effective alternative to fiber-based transport solutions is characterized by:

  • Highly robust system architecture, and extensive network and equipment protection (no single point of failure) for market-leading reliability
  • Future-proof high capacity transmission with a scalable architecture
  • High spectrum efficiency to enable maximum traffic in the allocated and/or available spectrum, which reduces operational expenditure
  • High-performance radio link with long reach and flexibility in regards to different protection mechanisms to ensure reliability
  • Small footprint greatly facilitating site acquisition and reducing complexity and cost of ownership
  • Lowest power consumption on the market
  • Rapid rollout ensuring short time to market to capture new business opportunities
  • Plug and play for spare parts handling.
Marconi LH can work in both TDM and Ethernet networks, making it a secure investment.