IT Managed Services

Through IT Managed Services, we can take full responsibility for your IT, including complete application lifecycle management, application development, quality assurance and day-to-day operations and maintenance of both application and infrastructure.

Service description

The IT Managed Services offerings include all activities we would typically perform when running an IT, for instance:

  • IT Operation
  • Application Development and Maintenance  
  • Quality Assurance in a Test as a Service model

Our services embrace multi-vendor environments, which give you the flexibility to develop and deploy services and infrastructure by using the vendor of your choice.

The service is controlled by a Service Level Agreement (SLA) based on performance indicators built around key business processes.

We also offer Ericsson’s solutions such as Prepaid, Charging, VAS and MVNE in a Software as a Service model, providing you with flexibility, scalability and knowledge to operate.


IT Managed Services will enable you to achieve desired quality at a foreseeable cost.

By letting us handle the IT, you can focus on business strategy, service management and customer satisfaction.

We focus on improving operational efficiency and reducing opex and capex, helping you to improve profitability.

In addition to key technical metrics and SLA, our end-customer services approach ensures pro-activeness and increases customer quality.