RBS Site Solutions

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Our RBS Site Solutions are based on site products needed for a complete RBS site with high quality and optimized network performance.


The key benefits of RBS Site Solutions are:

  • Pre-tested products
    All products in the RBS Site Solutions portfolio have been verified and documented together with the radio base stations to ensure that there are no weak links and adaptation problems when installing the network. This ensures that no time-delaying problems will occur when installing the equipment.
  • Global Services
    Our Global Services has a unique, comprehensive portfolio supporting and optimizing site products and solutions from Ericsson. It leads the way in supporting and shaping the next generation of telecom development, providing our customers with a full range of services; from installation to managed services.
  • Ordering based on customer needs
    We have a streamlined supply chain adapted to handle central, regional and local needs. The ordering process is very simple; requesting you only to supply some basic characteristics to your required functionality. With this information your product package is manufactured, assembled, and delivered directly to site as a one-time, accurate delivery.

System-verified products

The fact that RBS Site Solutions product portfolio offers system-verified products means that both installation and tests will be faster and time spent at the site can be substantially reduced. RBS Site Solutions make all the components work together, which will give a faster roll-out and cut time to first revenue. Additionally, many solutions address opex savings through energy consumption.

Site solution product areas:

  • Antenna systems (antennas, TMAs, filters, feeders)
  • Inbuilding
  • Installation materials and tools
  • Power for outdoor and indoor RBSs
  • Positioning and synchronization
  • Transmission

When combining site products with services and logistics we can offer a one-stop-shop concept.


Site Build

Ericsson complete Site Build portfolio covers all types of sites, micro, macro and small cells. We can offer end to end solutions for any deployment scenario, from 4- 40 meter high solutions to ...