Ericsson Messaging in One

In the networked society messaging and voicemail are services end-users continue to expect to be ubiquitously available with superior quality, feature rich and attractively bundled.

Executive summary

Messaging traffic continues to increase whilst revenues are flattening. At the same time are smart devices and “app stores” making the threat from “Over The Top” players a reality while mobile spam and abuse are on the rise in some parts of the globe.

A significant opportunity arises with the introduction of all IP mobile networks, turning the over the top threat a reality for messaging. With new IMS based messaging technology like RCSe, operators can close the functionality gap with over the top offerings and stay relevant to their consumers. Another opportunity exists for operators ready to harmonize their messaging solution and offering. Harmonization will give end users many new and compelling reasons to prefer usage of their operators bundled messaging capabilities, leading to increased revenues while reducing operational cost at the same time.

Our innovative Messaging In One applications, tools, enablers and API's give you the opportunity to maintain your current messaging services as well as use them in unique combinations with other services. This results in revenue protection and growth.

User experience

End users value chosing from a wide range of feature rich messaging solutions which are easy to use and control from their mobile device. New innovative messaging offerings with compelling features such as visual voicemail on their smartphone, anti spam and the ability to highly personalize will be instrumental in creating end user operator preference and drive usage growth.

With Messaging In One operators will be able to exceed end user expectations of today and in the future.

Customer benefits

The combination of standard messaging services on a single, integrated hardware platform reduces operational costs such as operations personnel, power consumption and footprint, significantly. Typically operators have reported reductions of upto 40% annually.

Differentiate your offering
Messaging plays a central role in the next-generation of IP-based communication services. Rich Communication Suite (RCS/RCSe) and the recently standardized OMA Converged IP Messaging (CPM) specifications are now paving the way for a new breed of messaging service. Enabling an instantaneous and more interactive end-user experience transparently accross multiple devices with the opportunity for operators to differentiate the messaging offering.

Drive new revenues
Messaging is a highly competitive space and new advanced features are key to business growth. Features such as visual voicemail and advanced missed call notification will lead to an increase in call completion and call back levels especially among smartphone users. At the same time is spam a serious issue in many countries, the included Mobile Originating as well as Mobile Terminating message control features will enable operators to prevent unpaid and unwanted traffic and protect their end users as well as their own brand perception.