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Ericsson Media Delivery Network wins NAB Best of Show award

2014-04-16 Categories: Industry, Technology, Recognitions & Awards
  • Award recognizes Media Delivery Network (MDN) as unique solution for intelligent delivery of content across managed and unmanaged networks
  • MDN solution enables TV service providers to optimize networks for superior quality of video delivery
  • Addresses the opportunity for new business models through plug-in ecosystem

NYU Wireless and Ericsson join forces to speed development of 5G mobile technology

2014-04-15 Categories: Technology, Industry

BROOKLYN, New York – NYU WIRELESS and Ericsson Incorporated announced that the technology firm joined the university center as an affiliate sponsor of research exploring a new generation of wireless technologies, also known as "5G."

Ericsson’s inventors of the year 2013

2014-04-11 Categories: Industry, Technology
Ericsson’s inventors of the year 2013

Ericsson has announced its three inventors of the year for 2013. Two of them have been given the award for their work in media and one in wireless access networks. Together, the three have applied for 334 patents. Meet them and understand more about their inventions in this video.

Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility Report 2013 Launch

2014-04-11 Categories: Corporate, Industry, Technology
Elaine Weidman-Grunewald

Elaine Weidman-Grunewald, Head of Ericsson Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility, discusses the launch of the 2013 report.

Turkcell: Delivering a Personalized Experience

2014-04-11 Categories: Industry
Turkcell: Delivering a Personalized Experience

Ebru Yeldan, Head of Charging & Mediation Solutions at Turkcell, shares her company's big transformation program "Single Rating Engine" and what she thinks are the hot topics for operators today.

Ericsson simplifies stream processing with powerful new high density platform

2014-04-07 Categories: Industry
  • Allows TV service providers to overcome challenges of stream processing in complex networks
  • Unbeaten depth and scalability of stream processing through easily configurable, future-proofed platform
  • Meets consumer demand for more services across all platforms through efficient, high density processing

Datafication is transforming the industry landscape

2014-04-04 Categories: Reports, Industry, Technology
Datafication is transforming the industry landscape

For decades, digitalization has been transforming how companies and individuals co-ordinate and communicate with one another. Datafication, on the other hand, promises to completely redefine nearly every aspect of our existence as humans.

Digital tech transforming industry, society, life

2014-04-04 Categories: Industry, Technology
Digital tech transforming industry, society, life

A "perfect storm" of new technologies is fundamentally transforming industry, society and the lives of people around the world.

Delivering the future of TV Anywhere at NAB 2014

2014-04-03 Categories: Industry
  • Launch of new solutions, products and services that will further enable the efficient delivery of high-quality content to consumers, anytime, anywhere, across all devices
  • Demonstration of Ericsson’s leadership in enabling the future of TV Anywhere; allowing Pay-TV at web speed
  • Allowing content owners, broadcasters and TV service providers to optimize content value and leverage video smart networks

Tech Talk - Contextual communication

2014-04-03 Categories: Technology, Industry
Johan Kristiansson

Johan Kristiansson, Master Researcher at Ericsson Research and PhD in Media Technology describes how Contextual Communication will improve the way we communicate and work in the future.

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