Broadband Access Nodes


Our Broadband Access Nodes ensure flexible, cost-effective roll-outs of fixed broadband technologies, ranging from GPON, fiber point-to-point, and xDSL.

Our innovative all-IP fixed broadband portfolio is a key component of Ericsson's Deep Fiber Access solution and supports operators in transforming their networks to meet the increased demand for bandwidth while generating revenue from media-rich service offerings.

Connectivity starts with the Access

It is estimated that by 2020, more than 50B devices will be connected, but as we transition into the networked society, preparing to take those connected devices to mass market and profitability is the challenge many operators are facing. With media-rich content reshaping broadband, networks will not only have to provide higher speeds, but be designed for the next-generation of IP networking: smart, simple, and scalable.

Ericsson’s Deep Fiber Access is an end-to-end solution that provides the infrastructure to ensure the delivery of advance fixed broadband access. Deep Fiber Access is comprised of the active equipment (Broadband Access Nodes), passive components (Cable & Interconnect) and world renowned managed services. Ericsson’s award-winning broadband access portfolio is deployed with the world’s leading providers. Our EDA product family provides an IP-enabling, fully converged broadband access platform that is flexible to fit any deployment scenario and scale as businesses grow.

Deep Fiber Access

Ericsson’s Broadband Access portfolio is at the core of Deep Fiber Access solutions, providing purpose-built access platforms for both fiber and copper-based deployments.  This portfolio is one of the most scalable in the market, allowing new network rollouts as well as modernization upgrades. Our comprehensive portfolio of products is deployed in Residential (Single-family, MDU, SoHo, etc), Enterprise, or Mobile Backhaul applications using optimum recommended technologies that include WDM-PON, XGPON, GPON, P2P, and xDSL.

Monetizing the Access

Our world is highly connected and as an increasing number of devices join the network, subscribers are demanding communications that are rich, personalized, and always on.For operators, the days of one-size fits-all service offerings over legacy networks and guaranteed revenues are gone. Traditional telcos are increasingly squeezed by competing offerings from cable operators, mobile providers, and emerging players providing over-the-top (OTT) services.Operators are quickly learning that their business models must evolve with the changing times and in order to regain their competitive footing, they need to build powerful fiber-based networks.These deep fiber access networks increase the overall network bandwidth capacity and deliver more advanced digital services to consumers.In particular, fixed network operators are focusing on triple-play service bundles, with IPTV at the forefront of the value offering.

Operator benefits of delivering triple-play services over deep fiber access networks

Boosted ARPU – Video services demand a premium over voice and data services, and by adding basic multi-channel video and advanced video services such as video on demand (VoD) and PVR/DVR, bundles can typically be priced higher

Boosted penetration – Simplified multi-service delivery resonates with consumers, not only are they least likely to change provider for single services, but new subscribers are more easily recruited when bundled services conveniently offer packaged savings and improved personalization capabilities

Boosted ROI – financial payoff is better gained from deep fiber networks as the higher bandwidth capacity enables premium-tier services that in turn, generate higher revenues

Streamlined Operations – Operators are able to use consolidated access platforms for multi-service delivery and be faster to market with new products that won’t require additional investment and time to deploy

Comprehensive, deployable Fixed Access
The Ericsson Broadband Access portfolio offers powerful platforms to converge a full suite of services to all-IP including voice, video, data, and TDM. Its flexibility allows operators to offer this broad range of services cost-effectively and to deploy them quickly and without disruptions, ensuring total quality of experience for end-users.

Ericsson’s Deep Fiber Access solution allows operators to offer full range of revenue generating services in a simple, smart and scalable manner.If the network challenge is maximizing the existing copper network, extending fiber to the home or offering Gigabit speeds to the customer – Ericsson offers an ideal solution.


EDA 1200

Designed for the flexible, cost-effective roll out of broadband access, EDA 1200 is our award-winning solution for ADSL2+, VDSL2 and POTS, as well as point-to-point fiber and CAT5 applications.

EDA 1500

Ericsson’s EDA 1500 Broadband Access products have been replaced by BLM 1500 GPON Access products from Calix. The BLM 1500 GPON OLT, ONTs, and the element management system EntriView are ...

EDA 2500

EDA 2500 is our advanced IP Multi-Service Access Node (MSAN). It supports both narrowband and broadband services and is perfect for you when looking for cost-effective network modernization.


Our Copper Plant Manager helps broadband operators improve service provisioning and fault prevention by making use of DSLAM built-in line testing and parameters for performance and status.

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