MINI-LINK SP are powerful packet aggregation nodes optimized for packet only networks offering multi-Gbit aggregation capacities. The MINI-LINK SP family offers both switching and routing functionality with a capacity range from 16 Gbps to 120 Gbps. They are equally capable of using fiber or microwave as transportation media.

MINI-LINK SPs provide interface and technology flexibility. They are also best in class when it comes to power consumption. MINI-LINK SPs provide multiple synchronization distribution options, including 1588v2 as well as Advanced Service OAM features, and MPLS support.

With the new MINI-LINK SP 400 series MINI-LINK SP also support IP/MPLS. MINI-LINK SP 400 series uses the same Ericsson IP OS as SSR 8000 in order to provide an aligned end2end solution.