Ericsson IP Signalling Transfer Point IP-STP

IP STP, IP Signalling Transfer Point

Ericsson IP-STP has excellent characteristics: huge connectivity, compact capacity, small in size and minimal power consumption. Great advantage of Ericsson IP-STP is its product flexibility; additionally other products can be integrated to it: Ericsson Flexible Number Register (FNR), Call Mediation Node (CMN) and Transit Switching Server (TSC-S). Or other way round: IP-STP can be integrated with Ericsson MSC-S and TSC-S.


A great advantage as well is that Ericsson IP-STP is not just a single box solution, but is part of Ericsson product family of latest technology MSC Server, TSC Server, HLR and FNR products. Besides of being a highly prioritized product of its own it also benefits from latest HW and SW developments made for the whole product family. In practice this means benefits unreachable for single box vendors: reduced maintenance expenses, no additional competence build-up, more efficient spare parts management, node re-use possibilities and future proof.